Monthly Updates

Can you believe it guys? It's already September! School started, and I got super busy! I have kinda just figured out my schedule so now I think I can post a little more! But anyway, here we go! This was my Septemeber.....

Lets' start things off with the AMAZING sunset! So pretty!

Oh yeah..... That's my fav lunch!

I found a new friend! His name is Jeff. Anna didn't like him much. I let him go back in the field but he was fun to carry around for a while! (I love snakes, in case you didn't know.)

My bro Alex came home!!!!!! SO happy! He was living in Albuquerque but he moved home! :) 

Hung out with Anna some more!

We went to the fair! I enter things in in 4H and I also did a piano song! That was fun! Anna and I got to go on the rides!!! SO much fun!

My mom teaches 3rd and 4th grade at a homeschool program and I go help her out! I  get to teach Geography!


I played around with some snap chat filters on Tanner's monkey! He's so cute!

I made cupcakes in ice cream cones! SO yummy!!

Hahaha! This is me and my three siblings! Katie and Alex are the oldest! They are twins. Tanner, on the far left, is 15 and I'm 13! But the height difference! LOL I'm taller than Katie and then Tanner is taller than Alex! They look about the same but that's because of Alex's hair. lol 

Haven loving on Libby! Haven is the little girl that my sister nannies. We get to see her a lot! :) 

Hanging with my girlfriends!!

That night was the Youth Group Launch! We have blacklights so we can draw on ourselves with a highlighter and it shows up! LOL, It's pretty awesome!

Trying to take a nice pic with Anna. Didn't work out like I'd hoped!!! LOL 

Love this pic!

And then we finally got rain!!! We haven't had rain is SO LONG. Awesome clouds.

Bright and beautiful mornings! 

And it's firewood time! So we got out on Saturdays and collect firewood, then we go home and chop and stack it! We heat with wood so we need a lot of it!

A gorgeous rose garden we got to go see!

Such a pretty garden!

My grandparents came to visit! That was fun!

GO, TANNER!!!! He runs cross country!

Anna and I took a walk! 

The awesome conference I went to!

With none other than Anna herself! LOL

Add on to a fun restaurant for lunch!

HAHA, fun bonus! Look closely at that little head peeking around the corner at Grandma's feet. BENJI!!!! So cute!

 OK, guys! That was my month! Awesome fun and had a great time! What was the best thing you did all month! And, do you guys like these posts? If you don't, tell me and I'll stop! But I kinda feel like you do and I love writing them! So tell me your thoughts! Thanks!


WHAT??? Already back with an August update??? Well this month was AWESOME!!! Fun filled and packed with adventure! So starting off, I went on a missions trip to Guatemala! Sadly, my iPod was stolen on the first day so I don't have any pictures!! But, my brother Tanner made a video of the trip thats a little short snippet of what we did! It's not on Youtube yet, but as soon as he posts it I will post the link here so you can go too!!

After we came home from Guatemala, I went on the middle school retreat with our church! My bestie Anna came with!!!


Eating at my uncle's pizza shop!!

Anna and I on the Alpine slides at Whitefish resort!

At our campsite! We stayed at the gorgeous lake of whitefish! 
Man I love that hat on Anna. You know? I don't think she knows how much I post about her on here! LOL she doesn't read my blog... hahahah

My dad was on the trip as a leader! He and another leader made this awesome rock tower!

Eating breakfast with two Anna's and a Sophia! Actually that girl in the background is another Chloe! LOL there were three Chloe's and four Anna's!! 

Glacier National Park

AWESOME view!!! We took a hike!

Anna and I!!! Ah, yeah, she fell in the water!!! HAHAHA that was really funny!! Don't worry she was laughing too!

Alton, my youth pastor! Ha and that's my dad in the backround!

I got to see my family when we ate pizza! 

Ha there's Bethany in the background! Car rides were really fun!

At home again with a gorgeous sunset!

Sadly, I had to move down from the treehouse! So now I have my studio in my room!!

Sunsets in summer are amazing!

Then my dad and Tanner and I embarked on our annual hike! 

Camping for one night and hiking the next day! 

Lol I think Tanner was giving me a commentary on his hotdog.... 

The reward at the top! So amazing! Do you see that pointy peak in the background closest to Tanner? That's called pyramid peak! We hiked all the way over there and back in one day! Not to mention the struggle on the mountain we were on in the picture! lol That's what are hikes are like! We read a chapter from Job up there and Oh my word it was so majestic. We all recited a verse we had learned on the hike... 

Psalms 90:2 "Before the mountains were brought forth, or ever You had formed the earth or the world, from everlasting to everlasting, You Are God."

When we got back, I started to design WEDDING STUFF!!!!!! Guys, the wedding is happening sooner than you think! I'm thinking October? That's because Caroline's and Jason's story is turning into a photo story series! I'll elaborate on that more soon!

Bride's maids dress ideas?
So guys! That was my month!!! I really hope you enjoyed! I will get that Guatemala link up asap! What is your favorite verse?

Hey, guys!!! Sorry, this is so late!! I have been gone for two weeks and finally have time to post! So here is my July update!!

My month started off with my sissy! I got to hang out with her and that was super fun!!

A beautiful sunset!

Yay! Then it was the 4th! We went and saw a firework show.

And I found a new fashion icon! Queen Letizia of Spain. I love her style! 

Oh, and I saw this astounding outfit by Christian Dior. Amazing

I got a haircut!! I got some layers, that's about it but still, It was a big change!

My kitty Sophie.... Love her too much!!

Another gorgeous sunset!

LIBBY!!!! I love her!!! She's my puppy!!

Oh yeah..... um, that's what a sleepover looks like at my BFF's house! lol 


Baking maccarons! They actually worked this time!!!!

And Benji!!!! He's a little sweetheart!!

More of Sophie!

Oh, this was the packing party for our missions trip to Guatemala! Man, my August update will be very cool!!

Another sunset!

Pretty girl....

My map dress photo shoot!

Oh yeah! This is my treehouse!!


Oh yay! We had just taken off on our plane to Guatemala.

Seattle Airport! There was a piano in the middle of the room and I played it!!!! That was pretty nerve racking! I did it though!

Man, these are good! I couldn't resist buying one at Sea-Tac. 

Pacific Oeacan..... Canon Beach. From an Airplane!!!  

Well, there you go! This was my July! I will get into the rest of the missions trip later cause it's in August! Hope you enjoyed!!


Oh, my word. I can't believe that June is already gone!!! This month was so much fun! Well, let's get right into it!

My month started off hanging with this sweetheart! 

Oh yeah... Then the ENGAGEMENT HAPPEND!!!!

I made this dress from a fabric world map.... :D

Then I made this dress for fun... Kinda old fashioned!

Pretty view in our woods.... 

Made a fun necklace and shirt!!

Oh my word this was hillarious! I love that. That is totally me.

Oh then we left the lovely Northwest for a week and headed to New York!

Tanner And I sat together on the plane.... Maybe wasn't a good idea?? :P lol 

Went to eat lunch on Monday at a fun park, 

with a bunch of duck drama!!! Two males were fighting over a female... pretty funny. 

Did the swimming post!

Oh we went to Chick-fil-a... They have such cute signs!


Twin Towers Memorial.... This was really sad...


This was so amazing. Way better than the one in Seattle... That's for sure!

Went to the top of the Rockefeller Center!

Ate lunch at another cool park!

Ice Cream truck post....

Heading to the Ocean!

We stayed at this epic beach house/air BNB. Really cool!!

I love the ocean... I think I left a part of my heart there. 

Taking engagemnt pics! 

Me and Pops!

I really like this pic... The blue sky is stunning.

The sad flight home.....

But when we got home I had a fun party at my house! (featuring Mira and Annah from Days of Dollight and Dolls Divine!) 

Then I was a 1st grade leader at VBS at our church! The theme was Ocean Commotion. Really fun! Although I caught a cold from being with all those cute little kids!

Went and saw Cars 3!!! That was super cool!!! I really like that movie. It ranks second in all the cars movies. Cars 2 is 1st and Cars 1 is last... Not my fav movie in the world! I loved Cars three though. I reccommend it!

And then we end my month with Anna again! We did a photoshoot outside!

My fav right there..... Libby just sat in the middle of us!! Cutie.... 

Well there you go! How was your month of June and what was your highlight?? Happy 4th by the way! I know I was late.... :)

Hey, guys!!!! Can't believe I'm already back for a monthly update!!!!! May went by so fast!! We did so much and I can't wait to share it all with you!

So my month started off with my annual tea party with Diane Cusack from 18 on Main, (Pixiefaire designer)! So much fun!! Since she lives on the other side of the country we have em over skype. Lol

Had too much fun taking care of Maddi here! He's my neighbors dog and he's so sweet!!!

The sun finally returned and it's summery weather!

Benji enjoys being petted on my lap ALL OF THE TIME!!!!!

Went out for ice cream with my sissy Katie!

Oh, man so much fun!! At our church they have an annual event called the Color Games that they put on every year! SO much color!!!!

Had a piano recital! Went pretty good!

Mr. Turtel from a museum!

Mother and went out for ice cream at FroYo to celebrate my piano competition! Got a 93 on my piece! I was hoping for better but still happy with the result!

A super cool bridge at a park we visited!

Hung out with Anna some more!!! Her first time kayaking and she did really well!

Yup. Then I got braces. A full set! ugg

An early tea party with Miss Diane! She was going to be gone on the first Monday so we did it early! Also a great, fun tea party!!

We then went to Montana to visit relatives over Memorial Day weekend.

Mom and Papa!

Ok if you ever find yourself in Bigfork, MT, go to Rosa's Pizza!!!!!!!!!! It's my uncle's pizza shop, and I'm not kidding. It is the best pizza in the WORLD!!!!!!!!!! 

Hiked down this REALLY steep hill to Ross Creek at Ross Creek Ceders. 

HUGE hollow tree!!

Saw some fun mountain goats!!!

And let's end this with something funny. Tanner was being weird on the way home. BTW he has his own SUPER AWESOME channel on YouTube called BIG MEADOWS PRODUCTIONS!!!!! Seriously, he has such amazing videos!!! Also, go to his drone channel Same name but Aerial Imaging would be attached! Thanks!!! Alright! What fun things did you do this month?

So this is a thing I have never done before! Here is a little update for the month of April!

Our weather up here in the grand state of Washington is very interesting! It has been raining so much! Usually, by now it is getting dry and warm and all the flowers are out but I haven't seen that many flowers and its still 50 out!

 There are crazy clouds, sunshine, rain, and hail all the time! There was a fantastic thunderstorn yeterday.

The weather hasn't stopped our kayaking though! We go to a lake called horeshoe lake and it has a wonderful waterfall and a cool hole in the ground called Devil's Well.

Precious Sofie! Love that cat! She's so cute!

Jason and Caroline! They have a lot of photoshoots that I can't post beacause I have to post some dates first!!!! LOL. hint hint

Libby! She's so sweet! I love getting pictures like this! 

Oh yeah! I tried the unicorn frap. I din't like it that much! It was kinda fruity flavored and REALLY sour! I will not be having that again! But it is gone now so I don't think there is a chance of that! :D

Hung out with my bestie Anna! We did some photoshoots of Jason and Caroline!

I have lately been helping my kindergarten teacher lately as a voulonteer! She now teaches third grade and the kids are really sweet! I enjoy that!

Love these things at Costco!

These are really good books!!!!!! I LOVE them! You should totally read them if you are interested in fashion!

Oh and this song... so beuatiful! You can't help but worship the Father when you listen to it! I totally recommend it! It is only 67 cents too!!! XD
So there you go! Did you like it? If so please tell me and I will do one next month! Bye for now,


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