It was 4:00 A.M. Time to get up. I thought about my day. Was I ready for my next year in CSM? I had barely made it through last year! And now that Jason and I were engaged, that meant a lot more to think about! 
Here goes nothing.

I sat up in bed and looked through a little social media for a few mins.

Then I opened up my Bible and did my daily devotions. Now, I am NOT a morning person and would much rather do my devotions at night but I have so much homework! And I find that doing my devotions first things first puts me in a good mood! And, it gives me a better outlook on my day. 

"Ohh... not early rising again," a voice stated from the corner. 

"I hate mornings," my roommate Katherine told me. 

"Oh good morning Katherine! Did you sleep well?" I asked. 

"Yeah, but I would like to sleep at least one more hour!" complained Katherine. "Oh well. Ready to get up and clean our room?" 
We, as roommates, decided we would get up an hour early to do devotionals, clean our room, and make sure our homework was done. Our first classes started at 6:30 so we needed to hurry! It was already 4:30. 

"Wow, our room looks great!" Katherine exclaimed after we were done. 

"Alright, let's pop into our outfits!" I said. 

I chose to wear one of my original designs because, you know, they are totally me!

I turned around and Katherine was wearing this! (she's a junior in college, just like I am)

"Katherine, are you really going wear that?" I asked.

"Of course!" she replied. "This is totally me!"

"Ok! It is important to be yourself here!" I answered.

"Alright! Let's go get some breakfast." Katherine said. 
"Alright let me just check with Jason here quick!" I quickly pulled out my phone. 

I snapchated him. 

Within a few minutes, he replied! He's so sweet!

We walked into the community kitchen for the dorms. There were some nice muffins! They don't usually give you breakfast but they do on the first day of school!

Just then I saw my old friends from the previous years! 

"Hey, Margret!" I exclaimed.

"Caroline!!!!! Oh, my word how are you??" she asked.

"And how was your summer???"

"Well for one thing," I replied, "I got engaged!" 

"No way!!! To Jason? That's so awesome!!! You will have to tell me all about it!"

"Haha, totally! Maybe this weekend we could hang out at my dorm and watch a movie or something!?" "That would be awesome!" Margeret responded.

I turned to the girl across from me. "Hello! Are you new? I didn't catch your name!" 

"Hello! My name is Christina. Yeah, this is my first year here! I'm super excited! You know...."

"Is that a Caroline Elizabeth design your wearing?" she asked. 

"Haha yeah, actually I AM Caroline Elizabeth! I thought I'd wear my own design!"

"What?? NO WAY!!!! You are like my all time favorite designer!!!!!! Your Winter/Spring line was exquisite." 

"Aww, thank you so much! That means so much to me! I mean, I did only have 4 designs you know!" 
I was taking a liking to Christina! She was so sweet!

"Yeah, but who cares!" she exclaimed. "It was so good!"

"Thank you so much!!!"

"Well girls, nice talking to y'all but I got a class to get to," said Ray. She was very popular! We weren't exactly friends but she wasn't mean either. She was actually pretty nice once you got to know her! Anyway, I realized I was almost late for my class. I rushed down the hall and entered my Apparel Design class. My teacher was Tracy Smith, the hardest teacher in the college!

"Welcome to another year of Apparel Design!" she started off. "My name is Tracy Smith." 
So let's get right on with it! I already have a challenge for you......."
Here we go. Another year.
A little disclaimer. I don't know at all what CSM is like so if you do and I portrayed something wrong, please tell me! This is how I imagined the school to be like! 


We were at the close of week one of a four week period. Of what you ask? Well, we had to design, fit, and sew 5 outfits for a runway show in four weeks. FOUR WEEKS!!!! This was my first week of the second term.  And I still had no idea what to create! I was at a total loss. If we failed this assignment, well, let's just say it's NOT GOOD. Yeah. Not a healthy start!

"Hey, Caroline!" Christina said. "How is your project coming? 

"Oh, awful!!" I replied. "I am in the worst design block of my entire career. I mean life. Ha.
Every time I try to design something, it just comes out so unoriginal. Like a copy of the latest Alexander McQueen. It's so bad. And I only have three weeks left!"

"Oh, that's the worst." Margret sympathized. "We were going to the fabric store! If you want to come, maybe you'll get inspired??"

"Well, it's worth a try!" I exclaimed. "It's better than wasting my time in my room." 

The fabric store has always been one of my favorite places. The rows and rows of various fabrics and notions! There is so much inspiration stored there. 


We looked around for a while but I was just blind. I had no clue what to do!

"Oh, this is nice," I remarked. "The texture is really neat. I love how chunky it is! That would make a great sweater. I'll pull it out."

"Oh, this silk is divine!! I might need this too!" Fabric stores always get me. XD

$100 later, I came home with my bags of fabric, changed, and sat down to think.

Soon, Margret and Christina came over to my room to help me. 

"Hey, guys!" I greeted them. 

"Hi, Caroline!" Christina answered. "Have you gotten anything yet?"

"Not yet.... Sadly." I explained. " I'm still stuck. I know I want to do something with this silk though."

"Well, let's take a quick break!" Margret suggested. "Tell us about you and Jason!!"

"Oh, of course!" I agreed happily. "I nearly forgot to tell you!"

"So," I began, "It all began with a little invitation to an 1800's themed ball. Apparently, Jason was a part of this drama group that determined to host a ball and he decided to invite me. It was at the most sumptuous mansion I had ever seen! It had the prettiest gardens too. The perfect place to host it!"

"I had so much fun picking out what to wear! I love stuff like that, as you know. Anyway, we arrived at the ball and right away I felt at home. My friend Katrina was there with her boyfriend Joel. We danced, took some pics, ate some food, it was a blast. Then Jason and I decided to walk out in the gardens of the mansion. It was so romantic."

"As we stopped to admire some particularly gorgeous flowers, he kinda looked over at me, and restlessly asked, 'Caroline, you know, there has been something I've been wanting to ask you.'"

"I was like, 'Yes?' And all of a sudden, Jason dropped to one knee and pulled out a ring. He looked at me with the utmost love in his eyes and said, 'Caroline Elizabeth Abbot, will you marry me?'"

"I don't exactly remember what happened after that, except that I said yes! I do know we danced to the most beautiful song ever. It was the best day of my life! He is the most wonderful person ever. I love him SO MUCH."

"Oh, that is SO SWEET!!!!!" Margret exclaimed. "That is the most romantic proposal story ever!!"

"Oh thank you!" I replied. "It was pretty amazing. The wedding is this spring! I'm so glad the school year ends sooner than normal! But now I'm trying to do well in college, plan my wedding from across the world, and make my wedding dress! Not to mention the runway project due in THREE WEEKS."

"Oh, that's gotta be tough!" Christina said. "If you need any help with sewing anything, just tell us! We are pretty much done designing our projects so now we just have to sew. We have time to help with yours if you need!"

"Oh yeah of course!" Margret added. "We are totally willing to help!" 

"Thank you so much, guys! You don't know how much this means to me!"

"Yeah, I only have like two more months to plan it! OH, I have to do the bridesmaid dresses too..... I might just buy those. Yeah, that's a good ide....."

"Wait. That's a genius idea!! That is such a good idea!!"

"I know what I'm going to do now!! Thanks, guys! You're the best!!"

"Um, yeah, Caroline! You're welcome! We'll just, uh, leave you to your designing." 

"Haha yeah, looks like you got a brainwave! See ya later girl! Thanks for telling us about the proposal!"

But I didn't hear them. I was already scribbling down my ideas for my designs! This was perfect!

(update: I can't exactly explain what I was going to do, it's kinda complex, but I will post pics of the finished outfits later!) 

I wasn't going to fail this assignment. This time I had an original idea. 



I sleepily opened my eyes. What day was it today?

Oh. It was Christmas day. Usually I would be up right now putting on the dress I designed. I would be curling my hair and putting on my makeup. I would be eating breakfast. But not this morning. I was alone. Jason was working and unable to fly to London to have Christmas with me, and I didn't have enough money to fly home to see him. Plus, all my friends were gone over the holidays. Yeah, I wasn't too excited to get out of bed. 

I rolled over and started drifting back to sleep. 

Suddenly, the lights flicked on and my roommate Katherine started smacking me on the back. "COME ON SLOWPOKE GET UP IT'S CHRISTMAS!!!"

What?? To my great surprise, presents and decorations were scattered across my room and my dear roommate was standing before me!

"Katherine! I thought you were gone! And where did all these presents and decorations come from?!?"

"Well, Margret and I felt super bad that you were alone for Christmas so we decided to come back and surprise you!

"Hey Caroline! Merry Christmas!" 

"What? Margret? You guys are amazing!! Here let me get out of this bed! What are all these presents??" 

"You guys! This is so kind of you! Thank you!!!"

"Start opening them!" Margret ordered. 

"Look at this necklace! This is so pretty! Thank you!"

"You are so welcome!" Katherine replied enthusiastically. 

"Open another one!"

"Oh my word you guys!!!" I cried. "Oh you got me Dots and Milk Duds!'' All of the things in this little box were inside jokes. The Dots and Milk Duds were from a hilarious thing that happened last year and the pizza pillow was from my obsession over pizza. SO kind of them!

"You got me the headphones I wanted?? That is so sweet!!! Thank you!!!" I exclaimed.

"You even got me my Starbucks. Wow. You guys are AMAZING!!!"

"Ha ha, we were happy to do it Caroline."

"Oh my word this is so much fun! How did you guys know I liked opening presents so much??"

"Oh this is ADORABLE!!! Thank you so much!!"

"And a new lamp... I have been needing this like CRAZY!"

"Thank you so much you guys! You don't know how much this means to me!"

"And you even got me a traditional English hat!! Thank you!!!"

"Um, Caroline, that's just a bow from one of the presents!"

"Really?? I literally just thought this was a hat!"

We rolled on the ground, laughing.

"Guys, this was SO kind of you! Thank you SO much!!! This was incredibly thoughtful of you and you don't know how much this means to me. Even though I still miss Jason, you have made this Christmas so much fun!!" 
I sighed. Man, this was so fun. I have such good friends.... if only Jason could be here.........

That afternoon, we were sitting around laughing and talking when we heard a knock on the dorm door. "Come in!" I yelled.

"Excuse me, but I have a package here for Miss Caroline Abbot?"

"I'm Caroline! Thank you so much! Do you know who this is from?" But he was already gone. 

"Well, that was weird!" I exclaimed.

"What is this?"

"Oh wow, this is AMAZING!!" I cried. 

"This is so beautiful! I wonder who gave me this?"

"That is so strange!" Katherine chimed in. 

"Oh wait! Here's a note! "Meet me at the corner of the ballroom at the Christmas Ball tonight. Wear this dress?"

"Ok, there is no way I am doing that! I'm engaged! For all I know, a weirdo could have written this note! This dress is a legit Christian Dior though..."

"Well, at the very least, you could go with us!" Margret interjected. "You don't have to meet this person you know!''

"Yeah good point, I guess I'll go with you! Cause this dress is SO pretty!!"

3 hours later we met back in my room, all dressed for the ball.

"You look so AMAZING Caroline!" Margret exclaimed

"Yes, whoever got you that dress sure knew what he was doing!"

"Yeah... Interesting! Wait! How did you know it was a he?" 

Oh, um, I have no clue! Just a guess! Yeah, well we should get going!" Katherine said nervously. 

The ball was placed in a lovely venue. CSM has an annual Christmas Ball every year!

"I'm so nervous to see who wanted to meet me! Is it someone I know?"

"I have no clue!" Katherine responded.

"Well, this has been a lovely Christmas, thanks to you guys!"

"Aww, no problem!!"

"Yeah, we had too much fun putting this together. Oh, Caroline, turn around! One final surprise!" 


"Hello, Caroline," a deep voice greeted me from behind.

"Excuse me, sir?"

"Jason?? Oh, my word I can't believe this!!!!"

"Oh, I've missed you so much!!!!"

"However did you get here? I thought you were working!"

"Well, I wasn't! Katherine contacted me to see about surprising you! I'm staying until the end of break!"

"Oh, I've missed you so much!!"

"You look great in that dress! Margret helped me pick it out, cause like I have no clue about that kind of thing!"

"Haha, I LOVE it!!! It's awesome! Such a sweet gift!"

"Miss Caroline, may I have this dance?"

"Oh, of course, Jason. "

"I'm so glad your here...."


It was still Christmas break, and I was stuck in my room doing work. Well, not the work you're thinking about! I was planning our honeymoon!! And doing homework and designing all at the same time. Oh yeah, and I was working on my wedding dress too. CHAOS.

Thankfully I had some pizza to tide me over!!

Then I heard a knock on the door. Uh oh. This room was a MESS. Oh well, it was kind of a resemblance of what my brain was like right then so I guess that's how my guests would see it. "Come in!" I yelled. 

Katherine and Margaret walked in. "Hey, Caroline! How's it goin........ Wow. What happened in here??"

"Oh hi, Katherine, Margaret. Yeah, this is my brain right now. I'm planning my honeymoon, making my wedding dress, doing homework, and designing. I'm going insane!!! And this room is getting on my nerves. I feel so claustrophobic!! No offense Katherine. I didn't mean to say you are messy, it's just that I don't think I can share a dorm anymore! I have too many things." 

"Well, then we have good news for you!"

"We saw how busy you were, and how much space you need, and so we got together and went to the board! We told them your situation, and by the way, they congratulate you on your and Jason's engagement. But that's beside the point!"

"Yeah, so we told them your story, and they are giving you a room for free! Your own room! It is your last year anyway, so they called it their wedding present to you!"

"NO WAY!!!!!! You guys are so crazy!" I shouted. "When do I get to move in??"

"Today if you want! We are all ready to help you move! And if you want, you can keep working and we will do it for you and decorate it for a surprise!!"

"That sounds amazing! You guys spoil me SO much! I mean are you kidding me? This is too good to be true!!!! BTW I love your outfits, you guys."

"Haha too funny! We are so happy to help you and Jason in any way! Where is he by the way?"

"Oh, he's doing something out in Paris today. He said he's planning a surprise but don't ask me anything cause I have no idea! I mean, that's not even where we are going for our honeymoon! We are going to hike the Rocky Mountains and that is across the world from here so... He's joining us for dinner tonight before he goes back to his hotel so we should get to work already because I want to show him my new room!" 

This is the before picture. 

They first took out all of the accessories and clothes and then some guys came in and took out the furniture. 

And this is the after pic! They gave me a room with hardwood floors! LOVE. It's so cute and it's all space for me to work!

That night, after everything was done and moved, they brought me back in to see. "Ok ready?" Margaret asked. "One, Two, THREE!!"


"Girls this is AMAZING!!!!!" I screeched. 

"This is so neat! I love the furniture setup and there is SO much space! And look at these hardwood floors!"

"Thank you SO much, you guys! This is SO cool!!!!!!"

"Your welcome Caroline!! It's just your month for surprises! We love to help you out!"

"Wow, I am just mind blown. This is crazy cool!"

"I love the new comforter!"

"You still have things in your room, right Katherine?"

"Yes, I have a mattress at least. And a table. But I'm going home for a few days so I'll have to redecorate when I get back."

"Oh, my word that is so wrong! You did NOT have to do this for me!!"

"Really, Caroline. I'm fine! My mom has some furniture at home that she has been begging me to take, so I'm completely covered! Don't worry!"

"Haha yeah right. Anyway, THANK YOU, GUYS!!!!!!" I cried. "Bye! be back here at 7:00 for dinner!"

"Wow. This is so cool."

"Ok... let's look at some decorator websites for Katherine..."

It was just a normal night. It was about 7:30, and I was tired from a day of school, but I knew I had a long night ahead of me! I was going to finish my wedding dress! 

"What should I do first!?" 
I have a few dresses actually, and I was figuring out what to wear and how to finish it!

Suddenly, my phone rang.

"Hello?" I questioned. 
"Hello Miss, is this Caroline Abbot?" a crisp British accent rang out. 

"Yes, this is her," I answered. 
"Hello. This is St. Felicia's hospital. I have been told to call this number by a patient we just received. Jason Woodard?"

"Um, yes, what about him??" I was starting to get worried.
"Yes, well, he was just checked in with injuries. He wanted you to come right away."

"What???? Please, what happened to him??"
"I'm sorry, I don't know any more information. That is all I was given. Goodbye."

"Oh my goodness, I have to get to the hospital ASAP!!"

After a long wait of worrying, paperwork, and more waiting, I was finally allowed to see him. 

"Oh, Jason I was so worried about you!!! What happened to you?? Why are you here? What's wrong?? I thought you were in Paris today!!"

"Hi, Caroline. This is really embarrassing. I'm so sorry you were so worried, it's nothing serious. Didn't they tell you anything??"

"No, they didn't and I still know nothing! What happened?? And why is your hair all wet?"

"Well, I was biking along the Seine and was having a great time. I had just finished planning your surprise and I was excited."

"Well, I wasn't paying any attention, and I biked too close to the edge of a bank that fell directly to a concrete slab, then down to the river. I noticed that a little too late and before I knew it, I was falling down the bank and hit the concrete slab. The bike broke in half from the blow and my leg twisted wrong. I think I broke it. So, as I started to get up, I lost my balance and fell on my left arm wrong. I think I broke that too."

"That tumble took me right to the edge of the slab and sent me plummeting into the Seine. The people on the bank quickly called for an ambulance and rescued me from the river."

"Let me tell you, that was the most embarrassing thing that ever happened to me. And most painful!"

By now I was practically rolling on the ground with laughter. 
"Oh, jjJason that is so fffuny!!!!! I'm so sssorry!!! That must have hhurt terribly!

"I'm just glad you are ok! I mean you could have drowned!!'

"Haha, yeah, so funny. Man, I keep thanking the Lord I'm alright. It was pretty scary."

"Oh Jason, me too. I'm glad it wasn't anything more serious!  Do you think you will be walking by the time our wedding rolls around?? I mean, we are hiking for our honeymoon!"

Yeah, I think so. I don't think it was a bad break. It might have just been a fracture. I don't know yet, as they haven't told me anything yet. I got a few x-rays done. The doctor should be here soon."

"Ok, well I brought you some of your favorite books and some snacks."

"Oh thank you, Caroline! That is so kind of you. I have been pretty bored here!"

"I was supposed to go back to work this week! I guess that's not happening. My boss will not be happy with me."

"I'm sorry Jason. Here, when I get back I'll call him. I'll also ask the doctor if you can travel."

"Excuse me, Mr. Woodman? I'm doctor Elizabeth Grahm." She turned to me. "And who are you?"

"Hello, Dr. Grahm. I'm Caroline, Jason's fiance. I was called to come over when he was first checked in." 
"Oh, well how nice to meet you!"

"Well, first off, I must say that you are very lucky here that Jason is still alive!"

"Was he really hurt that bad??"  I asked worriedly. 

"Well," she answered. "no, he was not hurt that bad, but he easily could have drowned."

"As you can see from this x-ray, he fractured his leg just below his knee. That must have been a pretty big impact!" 

"Yeah, I probably dropped 15 feet or so," he mumbled dejectedly. 

"Oh, Jason..." I stifled a giggle. 

"What about his arm?"

"Well, he actually only sprained it. It will be sore for a while, but he should be ok. 

"Ok. Well, thank you, doctor. Will he be ok to travel in a few days?"

"Oh yes, we will release him tomorrow, and then he can travel the following day. But no walking on your leg!"

"Thank you, Dr. Grahm," I said. 
"You are so welcome, and heal quickly Jason. Congratulations on your engagement!" she exclaimed.

After she had left we talked for a little while longer. 
"Hey Jace, well, I have to go. I kinda have to finish my wedding dress. I don't have any classes tomorrow so I'll pick you up at 10 to take you to your hotel. Love you!"

"Love you, Caroline! See you tomorrow......"

Well, that HAD been an eventful night. But not how I had planned. 


"Hmm..... So nice." I thought to myself. Today was my day to sleep in!  It had been nearly a month since Jason's accident and he was doing much better.

"rrriiiinnnnggggg!!!!!!! rriiiiiiinnnngggggg!!!"

"Oh come on not my phone. What now?"

I sat up and grabbed my phone. 

"Hello?" I answered.
"Hey, Caroline this is Katherine! So I was just in the lobby of CSM and you will never guess who is there right now!!!"

"Who??" I questioned.
"None other than the ALNETTA JACOBE!!!!!" she answered. "But that's not all. She was talking to the front desk about you!!!"

"Wait, what? What about me??" I asked.
"Are you sitting down? Ok yeah never mind I know the answer. SHE IS ON HER WAY TO YOUR ROOM. You have like 15 mins to get ready and clean your dorm."

"WHAT?? Why me?? What in the world?? Oh man, I have to get ready!!!!"

15 whirlwind minutes went by and I stood out of breath. I had dressed in my favorite design. 

I had "tidied" by throwing everything on the ground into my closet, dresser, and under my bed. Thankfully my bed cover was long enough that it covered everything!

A knock sounded on the door. Here goes nothing, I thought.

"Hello, Mrs. Jacobe," I welcomed. 

"Oh hello dear!" she said. "Oh, this is just so wonderful! It's so marvelous to meet you!! You are Caroline, correct?"

"Yes, I am Caroline. It's a pleasure to meet you. Please, do sit down!"

"Oh thank you! Such a lovely couch and pillows!"

Wow, I thought. That's like one of the most expensive purses ever!

"So! Let's get down to business, shall we?"

"Of course."

"Your designs have recently caught my attention! I have been very impressed with your skill to transform the plainest of fabrics into an exquisite design. 

"Wow thank you so much!" I said. "That means a lot to me."

"I mean, coming from you. I really admire you!"

"Well thank you! Anyway, as I was saying, I love your designs! You have quite a unique style! I have had my eye on you for quite a while, and I feel you are ready."

"Ready for what, may I ask?"

"To launch your own House, of course!"

"What??? Oh my goodness! This is crazy! You really think I'm ready?? I totally don't!"

"I do! And I'm financing you. You will be called Caroline Abbot. Any questions?"

"What? Oh... Oh wow. I... I guess just can we change the name? I'm about to get married, and I like my married name better! Thank you?!!"

"Oh, of course! I understand! Just think of it. Dressing the most prestigious celebrities in your original, Caroline Woodman Designs!!"

"Wait, how did you know my married name?"

"My dear, I know practically everything about you! We shall be the best of friends! I just know it! Designer to designer! Ok, that will be all! Come by my office next Tuesday at 2 o'clock and we will discuss the details. Goodbye!"

"Uh, Goodbye!" I gasped out. 
WHAATT? I had just been visited by the most popular designer in the world, and she had just TOLD me that she was going to finance me in starting my own fashion house. All in ten minutes!
 An alarm from my phone brought me back from my reverie.
"Oh, that's right! I need to meet Jason at that apartment showing!"

After quickly changing, I jogged over to the apartment complex. Jason had found a really nice apartment for after we were married and he wanted me to check it out with him. 

"So, as you can see, this is the bedroom." the realtor told us. "Its 400 sq ft."

"This is humongous!!!" I exclaimed.

"Yeah it is," he replied.

"Would we be able to do any renovations to this place, or paint the walls or something?"

"You have to talk to the landlord about that. I think you can paint but I'm not sure about the rest."

"So here we are in the kitchen/dining room/living room. This is 350 sq ft."

"Well, that's silly! I'd much rather have a tiny room and a big living room! Oh well, this is really nice."

"Yeah, I really like it too." Jason agreed.

My ringing phone jolted me from my daydreams. "Oh sorry guys, I have to take this."

"Hello Caroline, this is CSM calling! We have just found out about Alnetta Jacobe's offer and wondered if you were going to accept."

"Uh, yes! I was planning on it! Why?"

"Well, it's the college's guidelines that if you are offered a position in a House of Fashion, we release you from college. However, this means we have to ask you to leave your dorm room within a week. I hope you can find a place to stay! I'm sorry. We just have too many students"

"Oh, I totally forgot about that. Ok. Well, thanks anyway! I will miss the college, and I will be gone within the week."

I said goodbye and hung up.  

"What was that all about?" Jason asked. 

"Oh Jason, I have THE BEST NEWS EVER!!!!!!!!! I'm sorry I couldn't tell you before, but it just happened this morning! The one and only ALNETTA JACOBE just told me she is going to finance me in starting my own company! Which, in turn, means I am being released from the college and have no place to stay."

"Oh, Caroline that is AMAZING!!! I'm so proud of you!!" He picked me up and twirled me around. He set me down. "I always knew you were going to do well in fashion."

"Oh thank you, Jason! I'm so excited! But that still leaves the issue... where am I going to stay now? Oh!! I forgot! I have to leave like ASAP for the states! I forgot my sisters are throwing me a bridal shower! Oh ok. Thanks, Jason!! Love you see you in a few days!!!"


I boarded the plane for home. It had been almost 6 months since I had been home. I couldn't wait to see all my sisters again! They were throwing a bridal shower for me. I was a little confused because Jason was STILL in London! Didn't he have to go back to work in the states? I was planning on asking him about it the next time we talked. 
After the plane landed, I went straight to our house and to my old room. I freshened up, changed, and then left again to go to the bridal shower venue. 

"HELLO CAROLINE!!!!!!!" Everyone screamed as I walked in.

"We have missed you so much!!"

"Hi, Caroline!!!!" my little sis Livia cried. 

"I've missed you so much!!"

"Oh, I've missed you guys so much more!!" I exclaimed. "We really need to make time to see each other more often!" 

"Totally!! We have been dying to see you and to hear all about college and your fashion design company!"

"Later!" Kit yelled. "Right now it's time to get this party started! Sit here Caroline." 

"Ok!" I laughed.

"Ok so first," Molly started. "This picture in the back is from me. It's from our camping trip a few years ago and it as your fav! I hope you guys can hang it in the soon-to-be-your house soon!"

"Oh, that is gorgeous!! Thank you, Molly! I can't wait to hang it. I know Jason will love it!!"

"This next one was from me!" Grace said. "I decided to get you a yoga mat because you said you wanted to start! So here you go!"

"Oh thank you so much, Grace! I will use this a lot I'm sure."

"And some games! This is perfect! We plan on hosting lots of game nights and these are my favorite games!!"

"Your welcome!" Grace laughed.

"All the fake plants you see are from me!" Kit said. "I believe that every house should have lots of house plants! It makes it so much cozier!"

"Oh thank you, Kit!" I exclaimed. "I can't wait to decorate with these!

"What should I do next?" I asked.

"Oh!" Livia yelled. "Do mine! I got you some decorative metal buckets! You said you like the country style so I thought you might like them!"

"Oh thank you, Livia! They look wonderful! I can't wait to use them!"

"Ok, this next one is from me," Isabelle said. "In honor of your new design company, I bought you a portfolio case! I know it's not an item for your house, but it's a need!"

"Oh thank you, Isabelle! I can really use this! I have been needing one! That is wonderful, thank you!"

"This last one is from Addy and Esther, who are so sad they had to miss this!" Kit explained. "They hope you enjoy it!!" 

"Oh, it's pillows! Is this for a bedset?" I asked.

"Oh here's the comforter!!! Oh, this is SO pretty!!! I LOVE THIS!!!!!"

"These pillows are ADORABLE!! I love them!!!! I can't wait to tell Addy and Esther how much I love these! Oh, these are perfect!"

"They said happy bridal shower!" 

Thank you guys so much! This was such a sweet party! My sissies are so nice!! LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!!


Grace and I were standing at the airport in front of security. I was flying back to London already!

"Bye, Grace! I'll miss you so much!" I cried. 

"Aw, Caroline, it's alright! I'll see you next, before the wedding! Safe travels sis."

"Thank you, Grace," I replied.  "I can't wait; see you soon!" ;)
As soon as I got back, I had to head straight to Alnetta Jacobe's office to discuss the details of my new design company.
My flights were not delayed, and I got back to London real quick. Well, in like 15 hours! I was pretty jet lagged. I checked into my hotel, freshened up, and went over to Alnetta's office. I walked into the lobby and was blown away. It was so professional! Well, of course it was. This is Alnetta Jacobe!

I knocked quietly on her office door. 

"Come in!" rang a cheerful voice. 

"Good morning!" I said. 

"Oh my dear, welcome! I trust you had a good flight back?"

"Yes! I'm a bit tired, but I slept on the plane most of the time."

"How splendid! Ok. Let us get down to business! I have acquired you an office space a block away from here. We are in the fashion district, as you may know, so there are designers all around us! I am good friends with a lot of big-time designers, like Sarah Burton and Jenney Packham."

"Oh my goodness, wow! Those are people I only dreamed about meeting! Thank you so much!"

"Oh yes dear, you will get to meet them! So, you have an office over there that I took the liberty of decorating myself! You can totally change it up if you don't like it! You also have a workroom to create all of your designs. In a few days, we will have another meeting to discuss your staff. You need people creating these things with or else you will never get anything done!"

"Wow. Thank you SO much! Miss Jacobe, why are you paying for all this? I have never had any experience! I have my degree, but that doesn't make me a legend."

"Haha oh my dear, you are one of the best young designers I have seen in a long time! You just need this little boost, and before you know it, you will be famous as me, well, if I must say so myself!" 

"Thank you so much! This means so much to me! When do I start?"

"Well, as you know, London Fashion week finished up a few weeks ago, so everything has calmed down. You need to create a Resort Collection and have it ready by May 31. I'm talking about 15 or more designs. You will have plenty of time, but once you get going, it's a non-stop business! I'm glad your wedding is at the end of the month, you don't have to work hardcore till after it."

"Here are your keys!

"Thank you so much!!!"

"Thank you for everything! I won't let you down." 


There was a knock on my office door. 

"Come in!" I yelled. 

"Good evening my lady!"  came a familiar voice. 

"Jace! It's so good to see you!" I cried. "I've missed you so much!"

"I know my dear. I have missed you as well! Anyway, Caroline! Look at this office!!! You are so professional! I couldn't be more proud of you!" 

"Aww thank you, Jason. This is such a dream come true. Anyway, I want to ask you, why haven't you had to go back to work? You have been in London for the past three months! Are you on a long-term business trip?"

"Actually, I came here to tell you something! About work." 


"Well, I actually quit my law job four months ago. I was going to tell you, but I thought how fun it would be to surprise you! Because, for the past four months, I have been working on a film. Caroline, I'm now a filmmaker/director."

"What???? Oh, my goodness!! When did this happen and why? I thought you loved law!"

"Well, I did, but one of my good friends got me interested in it. And I felt like it's what I've been missing."

"Well, I guess that makes sense. But I just would have like to know. I don't really see how much of a surprise that is."

" I know, and I'm sorry. I should have been honest with you. But, tomorrow is the premiere, and I wanted you to go with me? You know, the red carpet and everything?  That was my surprise, and why I broke my leg. I had just finished filming that day. "

"I forgive you....wait, what??"

"A red carpet?? Jason! Oh my word that is so cool! I literally get to be on the red carpet??"

"Well, yeah! I'm the director, and you are my fiance, so it's only right that I bring you! 

"Oh my word that is so cool! Oh, that means I have to wear a designer dress! Maybe Alnetta Jacobe can let me borrow one of her designs!"

"I can't wait, Jason! Thank you so much. But in the future, please be totally honest with me! That's vital to a marriage! "

"I know Caroline, I'm sorry. But I'm excited about tomorrow! I'll pick you up here in my limo."

"Oh, my word you have a limo? Jason. LOL, see you tomorrow!!

Favorite picture!!!



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