July Update

Yo peeps!! I am sorry I am late, but I am going into August with this update because the trip I was on was in July and August! So I will be going till August 3! Sorry, this is late! 

Things started off with my girl Annalise! We had an awesome time taking some adorbs pics and making youtube videos!

Thanks, girl! :) 

Making some yummy Chicken Fettuccine Alfredo!

Then the fourth of July rolled around! We enjoyed watching the fireworks!

Then the fam took a trip to Montana for a rodeo. 

This rock was perfectly shaped for you to sit in! It was so comfortable!

Mom and Tanner and I at the rodeo!

The most gorgeous sunset I have seen in a long time!

And the most beautiful sunrise I have ever seen! 

Then we were off to New Jersey! To visit my grandparents!

Dudes this book is sooooo good. You need to go read it!!


Footprints in the sand...

Oh, how I love the ocean! I miss it so much! It's so vast and shows so well the grandeur of our Lord!

Mama :) 

Right before we had to say goodbye... I miss you guys!!

Then after I got home I got to hang with Anna, which of course makes everything awesome!

Don't really know why she looked so mad in that photo... 😂


Got to hit Silverwood again with my fam this time!

Me and Alex :) 

I really like photography and its super fun to experiment! What I love about this photo is that it's taken with a phone camera! 

Smokey Sunsets... Here we go again!

Then on to the best part of this month, and well, all of my summer!! The Middle School Camp that my church hosts. This was me packing! 


My girls!! You guys were the best!!


Walking downtown....

Late night selfies...

Car selfies...

Glacier National Park...

Ropes Course...

Lake time and swimming!

My daughters.... :) 

AND SO MUCH MORE!! Thank you to all the amazing people that made my month so EPIC and I can't wait to reconnect with you guys!! 😘

Thanks for coming along with me in my adventures of July! Have you had a great month as well? What has been the highlight of your summer? SCHOOL STARTS IN A MONTH!! 😩



  1. Man, I agree with u about how epic the middle school trip was! It was an absolute blast! Especially since u were there! 😊

  2. Oh my word, that looks like so much fun!!! And I LOVE your swimsuit - it's so cute and modest! Those photos are so neat and it looks like you've had a great summer! We need to meet one day!!

    1. Oh it was!! Thank you! I got it from Land's End. It's really comfortable too! Oh yes girl we totally do!


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