June Update

Guys, it's already July. SUMMER IS GOING BY TOO FAST! And hang in there for this month. It is a long one. CAUSE IT WAS SO FUN!!!!!!

First, we start off with the last youth group of the year! And all the 8th grader's first high school youth group. (it's complicated) LOL


My bro... and driving to the top of the mountain we have around here :D

Ok. HE IS GETTING TOO BIG!!! My baby puppy is so huge now! He ain't no baby no more! Just a 7-month-old 120-pound tank. He really is a tank. No other word for him. 


And for our annual summer party! So much fun with all my buddies!

We, of course, had to do some photoshoots at the party! 

LOL. Anna!! She was cold. 

So then I headed off into the mountains of Montana! 

Where I got to eat A LOT of pizza. And I am not complaining! SO GOOD.

One of my most favorite verses ever. 

Ok, can I just say how good chocolate covered pretzels are?? 


Just a bit of behind the scenes for Y'all. If you have not yet read the wedding please go read it here!! You will not regret it!

Then I helped with my cousin's church's VBS. We built an igloo out of milk jugs!!

One of the views from Montana... I LOVE THAT PIC

Flathead Lake

Hiking in Glacier with my cousin Bethany!

More views from Montana... 

Then the trip home with my dad... A super cool old dam that we found!

And then on to Silverwood Theme Park! Which I have now conquered. I officially can say I like roller coasters! I have now been on every single one at the park. Including Panic Plunge, and Aftershock. Yeah, you guys probs have no idea what I'm talkin about but all my friends that actually read my blog should. LOL, I think that consists of about two people. hehe

We had a simply superb time. :)

I even got to disappear at the magic show!! SO COOL!!!

One of my favorite rides... Can I just say?? (It's a kids ride called the froghopper.) ðŸ¤“

Thanks for a great time you guys! :D

So then I was walking through Staples and I dropped the gel pens I was carrying! All over the floor! It was Loud.  ðŸ™„

home :)

And my baby boy! You guys.... he is so precious. I love that dude. 

If you made it this far I love you! You are an awesome follower. Thank you for reading a random person's June!  Did you guys have an epic month as well?? I hope so! :) 


  1. That looked like a very fun month! I had a ton of fun at Silverwood with you! The part where you disappeared at the magic show was very cool! Keep up the long updates! I like them! :)

    1. Yeah man that was awesome :) Haha alrighty. Thanks!

  2. June looks like such a fun month for you too! :) Our town finally had a carnival come through and I went on the little froghopper too! XD Oh, we also got a pool in June and it's so much fun. <3

    Kaitlyn @ Kaits AG Crafts

    1. I'm so glad! Oh that is so fun! I really do love the frog hopper. It's just fun! Although it's too short. Oh well! Oh a pool is awesome! We used to have one and then it got a hole in it. But it lasted 5 years so thats good! :)


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