Can you believe that May is over?? Crazy right? We are already in June! 

Mudgie is so big now!! Look at him chewing on his bone.... :) 

Photoshoots! Actually, I took this one by myself! I put my phone in a tree and took a video and screenshotted my fav parts! Not the best quality...

Love this pic! Anna and I! :) 

Such a sweet girl. FYI I was wearing heels in the pic so I am not yet that tall! Haha!

Moving to the treehouse!!

View from the treehouse... 

Guys this was so good!!!  Mom and I made gluten-free pizza! :) 

Selfies with Benji!

Anna always comes over before youth group and we have fun making dinner!

First time kayaking this year! Awesome time. Kayaking is da bomb! :)

Workout time with mamma...

Happy Mother's Day Mom!

Family pictures!

And siblings!!

I love my little students!

THE ROYAL WEDDING!!!!  :) :) :) :)

She was so pretty!! I didn't get to watch it live, but I read all about it! Lol! Some of the things that Harry said to Megan were so sweet!!

Ok and now here comes the color games!!! At my church every year we do this thing where people throw colored cornstarch at you! So we get looking pretty colorful by the end of the night!

My team before we got all colorful!! 

After the first bout of color!

So much color!!

So much fun!!    

If you want to see a little bit more about what goes on at the color games, go watch the video that my bro made about it! It is so epic! :) 

So right after we went to the color games we drove down to California to go to my Grandpa's memorial service. He passed away about a month ago and it was a huge blessing that we got to go down and spend time with our family and my Grandma. 

Got to hang out with my cousins while we were down there!

And got to play some Mini Golf!

What you have to do to get the right photos.....


More photoshoots

And let us end this fantastic month with Anna and me again! :) 

How was your month? Hope it was full of blessings. The wedding comes this month!!!!!



  1. That looked like a very fun month! The Color Games was so much fun, and I am glad that i could have you on my team! :)

    1. Thanks man! I did have a month full of blessings :) Yeah I'm glad I could be on the "Ramandos' :D

  2. Looks like you had a fun month!

  3. Hey Chloe-
    Sorry to bother you but i've been wondering how sewing one of my designs has been going!


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