DREAMS: Episode 11

Ok so I know I said that the last episode of DREAMS would be the wedding. Well, it will be! But this has to come first! Enjoy :) 

I awoke on the morning of June 28 to birds chirping.

As my eyelids fluttered open, I suddenly remembered what day it was. 

"Today is the wedding!" I said excitedly. 

I took a long look out my hotel window onto the Montana skyline. Jason and I had chosen to get married on the banks of the Swan River, where we had had our first date. The day before we had worked so hard to get everything set for the wedding and I had gone to bed so late last night. I sighed and thought back on all my memories with Jason. 

"I get to marry the love of my life today!" I thought. I was so excited! 

Just then a knock sounded at my door.  "Come in!" I yelled. 

"Good morning Caroline!" my childhood friend Carrie said as she walked in. She was dressed in her bridesmaid dress and her hair was done. 

"Wait did I really sleep that long?" I asked. 
"No," she said, "I was just too excited for the wedding and I had to put my dress on early!"
"Haha well, I'm glad you liked it!" I replied. 

"Well," she started excitedly, "it's time to get you ready! I'll bring in your wedding dress."

She brought in and laid on the floor my original Caroline Woodman design. I had designed this dress back when I was three. It had always been my dream dress and it stayed that way up until it was time to actually make it! It was so special to wear a dress that I had dreamed of ever since I was a little girl. 

Carrie and Felicity, my other childhood friend and bridesmaid, came in and did my hair up into this gorgeous up-do. The veil would be pinned directly into the bun. 

I put my pearl earrings in. 

My veil was inspired by Princess Kate's veil. 

All too soon I was all ready and everything was in place and I stepped out of the cabin to head to the ceremony....


Stay tuned you guys!!!! The Wedding itself is comin' all too soon :) 


  1. aaaaaahhh! caroline is such a vision. she looks stunning!

  2. so nice! That wedding dress is beautiful :)


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