Hello dear friends!!! FEBRUARY IS OVER????? Guys it went by SO fast. Probably didn't help that it had like 28 days instead of 31? Yeah. 

Feb 1! Kicking things off with Mr. Sloth here!

Poor Katie! Muge is so big now!!

Annah and I! Haha I have two Anna friends!

My new fav thing. 

Valentine's day hairstyle!

Anna and I are back!! :) 

We love to make dinner for the fam! 

Haircut time!! Love how it turned out. I got two inches off. You probably can't tell. LOL

Gorgeous snow! I don't like it much, but it's still pretty!


Baby puppies!!! 


Hockey game!!

And Anna and I again!

I got a pedicure!! SO fun! I haven't had one done before!

Always gotta include your workouts... 

Playing Othello with my dad... We filled everything out except for the 4 corners! Strategy, guys. Strategy. 

And I end my month with Banana! ❤️

Hope you enjoyed guys!!! And now........ I have a sneak peek of a future dreams episode!!!! Guess what it is in the comments!

Love ya guys!! 


  1. Great post! Your new haircut looks great!

    Kaitlyn @ Kaits AG Crafts

  2. Cute haircut! wow, Mudge got HUGE in only one month! My birthday was last Friday, so March started off good for me!

    1. Oh, thank you! I know!! He's enormous! He weighs 63 pounds. At four months!! He is such a tank. Literally. LOL Oh that's wonderful! Happy belated birthday!


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