DREAMS: Episode 10

There was a knock on my office door. 

"Come in!" I yelled. 

"Good evening my lady!"  came a familiar voice. 

"Jace! It's so good to see you!" I cried. "I've missed you so much!"

"I know my dear. I have missed you as well! Anyway, Caroline! Look at this office!!! You are so professional! I couldn't be more proud of you!" 

"Aww thank you, Jason. This is such a dream come true. Anyway, I want to ask you, why haven't you had to go back to work? You have been in London for the past three months! Are you on a long-term business trip?"

"Actually, I came here to tell you something! About work." 


"Well, I actually quit my law job four months ago. I was going to tell you, but I thought how fun it would be to surprise you! Because, for the past four months, I have been working on a film. Caroline, I'm now a filmmaker/director."

"What???? Oh, my goodness!! When did this happen and why? I thought you loved law!"

"Well, I did, but one of my good friends got me interested in it. And I felt like it's what I've been missing."

"Well, I guess that makes sense. But I just would have like to know. I don't really see how much of a surprise that is."

" I know, and I'm sorry. I should have been honest with you. But, tomorrow is the premiere, and I wanted you to go with me? You know, the red carpet and everything?  That was my surprise, and why I broke my leg. I had just finished filming that day. "

"I forgive you....wait, what??"

"A red carpet?? Jason! Oh my word that is so cool! I literally get to be on the red carpet??"

"Well, yeah! I'm the director, and you are my fiance, so it's only right that I bring you! 

"Oh my word that is so cool! Oh, that means I have to wear a designer dress! Maybe Alnetta Jacobe can let me borrow one of her designs!"

"I can't wait, Jason! Thank you so much. But in the future, please be totally honest with me! That's vital to a marriage! "

"I know Caroline, I'm sorry. But I'm excited about tomorrow! I'll pick you up here in my limo."

"Oh, my word you have a limo? Jason. LOL, see you tomorrow!!

Favorite picture!!!


I am so in love with how the pictures came out!!! SO cute! Anyway, I hope you enjoyed today's episode! Watch out for the next one coming soon! Did you like Caroline's dress? I designed and made it myself! I thought it was so perfect for the red carpet and is legit my fav dress on her ever! That is, next to her wedding dress! LOL, I can't wait!!

Here is a little BTS!! Such a fun set to create! :) 


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