DREAMS: Episode 8

I boarded the plane for home. It had been almost 6 months since I had been home. I couldn't wait to see all my sisters again! They were throwing a bridal shower for me. I was a little confused because Jason was STILL in London! Didn't he have to go back to work in the states? I was planning on asking him about it the next time we talked. 
After the plane landed, I went straight to our house and to my old room. I freshened up, changed, and then left again to go to the bridal shower venue. 

"HELLO CAROLINE!!!!!!!" Everyone screamed as I walked in.

"We have missed you so much!!"

"Hi, Caroline!!!!" my little sis Livia cried. 

"I've missed you so much!!"

"Oh, I've missed you guys so much more!!" I exclaimed. "We really need to make time to see each other more often!" 

"Totally!! We have been dying to see you and to hear all about college and your fashion design company!"

"Later!" Kit yelled. "Right now it's time to get this party started! Sit here Caroline." 

"Ok!" I laughed.

"Ok so first," Molly started. "This picture in the back is from me. It's from our camping trip a few years ago and it as your fav! I hope you guys can hang it in the soon-to-be-your house soon!"

"Oh, that is gorgeous!! Thank you, Molly! I can't wait to hang it. I know Jason will love it!!"

"This next one was from me!" Grace said. "I decided to get you a yoga mat because you said you wanted to start! So here you go!"

"Oh thank you so much, Grace! I will use this a lot I'm sure."

"And some games! This is perfect! We plan on hosting lots of game nights and these are my favorite games!!"

"Your welcome!" Grace laughed.

"All the fake plants you see are from me!" Kit said. "I believe that every house should have lots of house plants! It makes it so much cozier!"

"Oh thank you, Kit!" I exclaimed. "I can't wait to decorate with these!

"What should I do next?" I asked.

"Oh!" Livia yelled. "Do mine! I got you some decorative metal buckets! You said you like the country style so I thought you might like them!"

"Oh thank you, Livia! They look wonderful! I can't wait to use them!"

"Ok, this next one is from me," Isabelle said. "In honor of your new design company, I bought you a portfolio case! I know it's not an item for your house, but it's a need!"

"Oh thank you, Isabelle! I can really use this! I have been needing one! That is wonderful, thank you!"

"This last one is from Addy and Esther, who are so sad they had to miss this!" Kit explained. "They hope you enjoy it!!" 

"Oh, it's pillows! Is this for a bedset?" I asked.

"Oh here's the comforter!!! Oh, this is SO pretty!!! I LOVE THIS!!!!!"

"These pillows are ADORABLE!! I love them!!!! I can't wait to tell Addy and Esther how much I love these! Oh, these are perfect!"

"They said happy bridal shower!" 

Thank you guys so much! This was such a sweet party! My sissies are so nice!! LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!!

What is Jason up to? What will happen next? Stay tuned for next Thursday! 



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