DREAMS: Episode 6

It was just a normal night. It was about 7:30, and I was tired from a day of school, but I knew I had a long night ahead of me! I was going to finish my wedding dress! 

"What should I do first!?" 
I have a few dresses actually, and I was figuring out what to wear and how to finish it!

Suddenly, my phone rang.

"Hello?" I questioned. 
"Hello Miss, is this Caroline Abbot?" a crisp British accent rang out. 

"Yes, this is her," I answered. 
"Hello. This is St. Felicia's hospital. I have been told to call this number by a patient we just received. Jason Woodard?"

"Um, yes, what about him??" I was starting to get worried.
"Yes, well, he was just checked in with injuries. He wanted you to come right away."

"What???? Please, what happened to him??"
"I'm sorry, I don't know any more information. That is all I was given. Goodbye."

"Oh my goodness, I have to get to the hospital ASAP!!"

After a long wait of worrying, paperwork, and more waiting, I was finally allowed to see him. 

"Oh, Jason I was so worried about you!!! What happened to you?? Why are you here? What's wrong?? I thought you were in Paris today!!"

"Hi, Caroline. This is really embarrassing. I'm so sorry you were so worried, it's nothing serious. Didn't they tell you anything??"

"No, they didn't and I still know nothing! What happened?? And why is your hair all wet?"

"Well, I was biking along the Seine and was having a great time. I had just finished planning your surprise and I was excited."

"Well, I wasn't paying any attention, and I biked too close to the edge of a bank that fell directly to a concrete slab, then down to the river. I noticed that a little too late and before I knew it, I was falling down the bank and hit the concrete slab. The bike broke in half from the blow and my leg twisted wrong. I think I broke it. So, as I started to get up, I lost my balance and fell on my left arm wrong. I think I broke that too."

"That tumble took me right to the edge of the slab and sent me plummeting into the Seine. The people on the bank quickly called for an ambulance and rescued me from the river."

"Let me tell you, that was the most embarrassing thing that ever happened to me. And most painful!"

By now I was practically rolling on the ground with laughter. 
"Oh, jjJason that is so fffuny!!!!! I'm so sssorry!!! That must have hhurt terribly!

"I'm just glad you are ok! I mean you could have drowned!!'

"Haha, yeah, so funny. Man, I keep thanking the Lord I'm alright. It was pretty scary."

"Oh Jason, me too. I'm glad it wasn't anything more serious!  Do you think you will be walking by the time our wedding rolls around?? I mean, we are hiking for our honeymoon!"

Yeah, I think so. I don't think it was a bad break. It might have just been a fracture. I don't know yet, as they haven't told me anything yet. I got a few x-rays done. The doctor should be here soon."

"Ok, well I brought you some of your favorite books and some snacks."

"Oh thank you, Caroline! That is so kind of you. I have been pretty bored here!"

"I was supposed to go back to work this week! I guess that's not happening. My boss will not be happy with me."

"I'm sorry Jason. Here, when I get back I'll call him. I'll also ask the doctor if you can travel."

"Excuse me, Mr. Woodman? I'm doctor Elizabeth Grahm." She turned to me. "And who are you?"

"Hello, Dr. Grahm. I'm Caroline, Jason's fiance. I was called to come over when he was first checked in." 
"Oh, well how nice to meet you!"

"Well, first off, I must say that you are very lucky here that Jason is still alive!"

"Was he really hurt that bad??"  I asked worriedly. 

"Well," she answered. "no, he was not hurt that bad, but he easily could have drowned."

"As you can see from this x-ray, he fractured his leg just below his knee. That must have been a pretty big impact!" 

"Yeah, I probably dropped 15 feet or so," he mumbled dejectedly. 

"Oh, Jason..." I stifled a giggle. 

"What about his arm?"

"Well, he actually only sprained it. It will be sore for a while, but he should be ok. 

"Ok. Well, thank you, doctor. Will he be ok to travel in a few days?"

"Oh yes, we will release him tomorrow, and then he can travel the following day. But no walking on your leg!"

"Thank you, Dr. Grahm," I said. 
"You are so welcome, and heal quickly Jason. Congratulations on your engagement!" she exclaimed.

After she had left we talked for a little while longer. 
"Hey Jace, well, I have to go. I kinda have to finish my wedding dress. I don't have any classes tomorrow so I'll pick you up at 10 to take you to your hotel. Love you!"

"Love you, Caroline! See you tomorrow......"

Well, that HAD been an eventful night. But not how I had planned. 


  1. That was a pretty funny accident! XD

    ~Kaitlyn @ Kaits AG Crafts

    1. Yeah! It was. I felt bad for him! This was a fun post to write!! 🤗


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