Hey there guys! This is Molly and Samantha! So, this is really embarrassing, but a few months ago we got tagged for the Sister's Tag! Well, needless to say, we forgot. So, we are doing it now! Sorry, Mira!! 


So first, we would like to thank Mira from Days of Dollight
Guys this is an amazing blog! Go check it out!

1. Thank the person who nominated you, and leave a link to their blog.

2. Answer the eleven questions given for your sister, and have your sister do the same for you. That way, we can compare and contrast both of you!

3. Nominate five bloggers and have them answer the same eleven questions.

Which of you is older?
We are actually the same age, but I'm a few months older. 
Yeah, but we feel like twins!

What's your favorite thing to do together?
We both like to hike, and I love singing her songs!
haha, it's true we sing and hike at the same time!

What's your sister's favorite food?
Molly likes Banana Splits!
Samantha likes Swedish fish! Like CRAZY! It's all she ever eats! I feel like anyway. 

What's one character trait in the other you appreciate?
Molly is super kind to everyone and she is super caring.
Sammy is super outgoing! I And I love how thoughtful she is!

What's one character trait in the other that you don't appreciate?
Molly is shy, and we are kinda opposites like that. We butt heads over it a lot. 
Sammy can be really loud. REALLY LOUD. She is kinda crazy too!

What's one hobby you have that the other does not? 
Molly is all about reading and writing and I am SO not like that! I love outdoor and daring activities!
Yeah, like she said, I love reading, not skydiving. 

Who keeps a cleaner room?
I definitely am way cleaner than Sammy!

What's the biggest way your sister can annoy you?
All her in-depth talks about literature.
All her outdoor gear everywhere in our room. 🙄

Describe each other in three words.
Shy, Kind, and Caring
Outgoing, thoughtful, and loud.

How do you differ personality-wise?
Do we need to go into this again?? LOL

Why do you love each other? (C'mon, you know you do!)
Oh, I love Molly so much! She is the best sister a girl could have! Sure we have our fights, but so does everyone else! 
Yeah, Sammy is such a good listener and does random acts of kindness that just make your day. Love you, Sammy!

Ok, now we have to tag five other blogs! 

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Have fun you guys! Can't wait to here your answers!!!
Chloe, Molly, and Sammy


  1. Loved reading this Molly and Samantha! It sounds like Josephina and Felicity would get along swell talking about books with Molly, and Kit would have fun adventuring with Samantha!
    the Dollight fam

    1. Haha thanks Mira! So sorry this took me so long to put up!!


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