DREAMS: Episode 5: A new room??

It was still Christmas break, and I was stuck in my room doing work. Well, not the work you're thinking about! I was planning our honeymoon!! And doing homework and designing all at the same time. Oh yeah, and I was working on my wedding dress too. CHAOS.

Thankfully I had some pizza to tide me over!!

Then I heard a knock on the door. Uh oh. This room was a MESS. Oh well, it was kind of a resemblance of what my brain was like right then so I guess that's how my guests would see it. "Come in!" I yelled. 

Katherine and Margaret walked in. "Hey, Caroline! How's it goin........ Wow. What happened in here??"

"Oh hi, Katherine, Margaret. Yeah, this is my brain right now. I'm planning my honeymoon, making my wedding dress, doing homework, and designing. I'm going insane!!! And this room is getting on my nerves. I feel so claustrophobic!! No offense Katherine. I didn't mean to say you are messy, it's just that I don't think I can share a dorm anymore! I have too many things." 

"Well, then we have good news for you!"

"We saw how busy you were, and how much space you need, and so we got together and went to the board! We told them your situation, and by the way, they congratulate you on your and Jason's engagement. But that's beside the point!"

"Yeah, so we told them your story, and they are giving you a room for free! Your own room! It is your last year anyway, so they called it their wedding present to you!"

"NO WAY!!!!!! You guys are so crazy!" I shouted. "When do I get to move in??"

"Today if you want! We are all ready to help you move! And if you want, you can keep working and we will do it for you and decorate it for a surprise!!"

"That sounds amazing! You guys spoil me SO much! I mean are you kidding me? This is too good to be true!!!! BTW I love your outfits, you guys."

"Haha too funny! We are so happy to help you and Jason in any way! Where is he by the way?"

"Oh, he's doing something out in Paris today. He said he's planning a surprise but don't ask me anything cause I have no idea! I mean, that's not even where we are going for our honeymoon! We are going to hike the Rocky Mountains and that is across the world from here so... He's joining us for dinner tonight before he goes back to his hotel so we should get to work already because I want to show him my new room!" 

This is the before picture. 

They first took out all of the accessories and clothes and then some guys came in and took out the furniture. 

And this is the after pic! They gave me a room with hardwood floors! LOVE. It's so cute and it's all space for me to work!

That night, after everything was done and moved, they brought me back in to see. "Ok ready?" Margaret asked. "One, Two, THREE!!"


"Girls this is AMAZING!!!!!" I screeched. 

"This is so neat! I love the furniture setup and there is SO much space! And look at these hardwood floors!"

"Thank you SO much, you guys! This is SO cool!!!!!!"

"Your welcome Caroline!! It's just your month for surprises! We love to help you out!"

"Wow, I am just mind blown. This is crazy cool!"

"I love the new comforter!"


"You still have things in your room, right Katherine?"

"Yes, I have a mattress at least. And a table. But I'm going home for a few days so I'll have to redecorate when I get back."

"Oh, my word that is so wrong! You did NOT have to do this for me!!"

"Really, Caroline. I'm fine! My mom has some furniture at home that she has been begging me to take, so I'm completely covered! Don't worry!"

"Haha yeah right. Anyway, THANK YOU, GUYS!!!!!!" I cried. "Bye! be back here at 7:00 for dinner!"

"Wow. This is so cool."

"Ok... let's look at some decorator websites for Katherine..."

What is she doing?? Stay tuned for the next episode to find out!!! :) 


  1. Love it! Caroline's friends are amazing.

  2. I love the new room! It's super cute!

    Kaitlyn @ Kaits AG Crafts

    1. Thank you so much! I really like it too. I think it's way better than her last room! :)🤣

  3. That was so kind! By the way, how'd you make the sewing machine? I need to make it before Monday.

    1. :) yeah! Well, I'm sorry, I don't have any good answer for that.... I kinda just pieced things together with my hot glue gun! Sorry I don't have a better answer!!


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