That afternoon, we were sitting around laughing and talking when we heard a knock on the dorm door. "Come in!" I yelled.

"Excuse me, but I have a package here for Miss Caroline Abbot?"

"I'm Caroline! Thank you so much! Do you know who this is from?" But he was already gone. 

"Well, that was weird!" I exclaimed.

"What is this?"

"Oh wow, this is AMAZING!!" I cried. 

"This is so beautiful! I wonder who gave me this?"

"That is so strange!" Katherine chimed in. 

"Oh wait! Here's a note! "Meet me at the corner of the ballroom at the Christmas Ball tonight. Wear this dress?"

"Ok, there is no way I am doing that! I'm engaged! For all I know, a weirdo could have written this note! This dress is a legit Christian Dior though..."

"Well, at the very least, you could go with us!" Margret interjected. "You don't have to meet this person you know!''

"Yeah good point, I guess I'll go with you! Cause this dress is SO pretty!!"

3 hours later we met back in my room, all dressed for the ball.

"You look so AMAZING Caroline!" Margret exclaimed

"Yes, whoever got you that dress sure knew what he was doing!"

"Yeah... Interesting! Wait! How did you know it was a he?" 

Oh, um, I have no clue! Just a guess! Yeah, well we should get going!" Katherine said nervously. 

The ball was placed in a lovely venue. CSM has an annual Christmas Ball every year!

"I'm so nervous to see who wanted to meet me! Is it someone I know?"

"I have no clue!" Katherine responded.

"Well, this has been a lovely Christmas, thanks to you guys!"

"Aww, no problem!!"

"Yeah, we had too much fun putting this together. Oh, Caroline, turn around! One final surprise!" 


"Hello, Caroline," a deep voice greeted me from behind.

"Excuse me, sir?"

"Jason?? Oh, my word I can't believe this!!!!"

"Oh, I've missed you so much!!!!"

"However did you get here? I thought you were working!"

"Well, I wasn't! Katherine contacted me to see about surprising you! I'm staying until the end of break!"

"Oh, I've missed you so much!!"

"You look great in that dress! Margret helped me pick it out, cause like I have no clue about that kind of thing!"

"Haha, I LOVE it!!! It's awesome! Such a sweet gift!"

"Miss Caroline, may I have this dance?"

"Oh, of course, Jason. "

"I'm so glad your here...."



  1. This was a great series! :D

    ~Kaitlyn @ Kaits AG Crafts

    1. Thank you! Can't wait to write the next episode!

  2. Jason and Caroline are so sweet! They are a good couple.

    1. Haha thank you so much! Right?? Can't wait for the wedding?!?!

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you!!! haha I love writing stories for Jason and Caroline!


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