I sleepily opened my eyes. What day was it today?

Oh. It was Christmas day. Usually I would be up right now putting on the dress I designed. I would be curling my hair and putting on my makeup. I would be eating breakfast. But not this morning. I was alone. Jason was working and unable to fly to London to have Christmas with me, and I didn't have enough money to fly home to see him. Plus, all my friends were gone over the holidays. Yeah, I wasn't too excited to get out of bed. 

I rolled over and started drifting back to sleep. 

Suddenly, the lights flicked on and my roommate Katherine started smacking me on the back. "COME ON SLOWPOKE GET UP IT'S CHRISTMAS!!!"

What?? To my great surprise, presents and decorations were scattered across my room and my dear roommate was standing before me!

"Katherine! I thought you were gone! And where did all these presents and decorations come from?!?"

"Well, Margret and I felt super bad that you were alone for Christmas so we decided to come back and surprise you!

"Hey Caroline! Merry Christmas!" 

"What? Margret? You guys are amazing!! Here let me get out of this bed! What are all these presents??" 

"You guys! This is so kind of you! Thank you!!!"

"Start opening them!" Margret ordered. 

"Look at this necklace! This is so pretty! Thank you!"

"You are so welcome!" Katherine replied enthusiastically. 

"Open another one!"

"Oh my word you guys!!!" I cried. "Oh you got me Dots and Milk Duds!'' All of the things in this little box were inside jokes. The Dots and Milk Duds were from a hilarious thing that happened last year and the pizza pillow was from my obsession over pizza. SO kind of them!

"You got me the headphones I wanted?? That is so sweet!!! Thank you!!!" I exclaimed.

"You even got me my Starbucks. Wow. You guys are AMAZING!!!"

"Ha ha, we were happy to do it Caroline."

"Oh my word this is so much fun! How did you guys know I liked opening presents so much??"

"Oh this is ADORABLE!!! Thank you so much!!"

"And a new lamp... I have been needing this like CRAZY!"

"Thank you so much you guys! You don't know how much this means to me!"

"And you even got me a traditional English hat!! Thank you!!!"

"Um, Caroline, that's just a bow from one of the presents!"

"Really?? I literally just thought this was a hat!"

We rolled on the ground, laughing.

"Guys, this was SO kind of you! Thank you SO much!!! This was incredibly thoughtful of you and you don't know how much this means to me. Even though I still miss Jason, you have made this Christmas so much fun!!" 
I sighed. Man, this was so fun. I have such good friends.... if only Jason could be here.........

Did you like it?? Look out for part two tomorrow!!!!

Merry Christmas, 


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