DREAMS: Episode 2

Ok ok..... so after I wrote that whole post about how much I don't like doing the series, I just got super inspired to keep it going!! SO!! This is episode two, and watch out for a special Christmas Edition that will be posted on December 23, 24, and 25! It's a three-parter! It's super fun!!! I think you'll really enjoy it! So without further ado, here is episode two. (hey that rhymes, heheheh)

We were at the close of week one of a four week period. Of what you ask? Well, we had to design, fit, and sew 5 outfits for a runway show in four weeks. FOUR WEEKS!!!! This was my first week of the second term.  And I still had no idea what to create! I was at a total loss. If we failed this assignment, well, let's just say it's NOT GOOD. Yeah. Not a healthy start!

"Hey, Caroline!" Christina said. "How is your project coming? 

"Oh, awful!!" I replied. "I am in the worst design block of my entire career. I mean life. Ha.
Every time I try to design something, it just comes out so unoriginal. Like a copy of the latest Alexander McQueen. It's so bad. And I only have three weeks left!"

"Oh, that's the worst." Margret sympathized. "We were going to the fabric store! If you want to come, maybe you'll get inspired??"

"Well, it's worth a try!" I exclaimed. "It's better than wasting my time in my room." 

The fabric store has always been one of my favorite places. The rows and rows of various fabrics and notions! There is so much inspiration stored there. 


We looked around for a while but I was just blind. I had no clue what to do!

"Oh, this is nice," I remarked. "The texture is really neat. I love how chunky it is! That would make a great sweater. I'll pull it out."

"Oh, this silk is divine!! I might need this too!" Fabric stores always get me. XD

$100 later, I came home with my bags of fabric, changed, and sat down to think.

Soon, Margret and Christina came over to my room to help me. 

"Hey, guys!" I greeted them. 

"Hi, Caroline!" Christina answered. "Have you gotten anything yet?"

"Not yet.... Sadly." I explained. " I'm still stuck. I know I want to do something with this silk though."

"Well, let's take a quick break!" Margret suggested. "Tell us about you and Jason!!"

"Oh, of course!" I agreed happily. "I nearly forgot to tell you!"

"So," I began, "It all began with a little invitation to an 1800's themed ball. Apparently, Jason was a part of this drama group that determined to host a ball and he decided to invite me. It was at the most sumptuous mansion I had ever seen! It had the prettiest gardens too. The perfect place to host it!"

"I had so much fun picking out what to wear! I love stuff like that, as you know. Anyway, we arrived at the ball and right away I felt at home. My friend Katrina was there with her boyfriend Joel. We danced, took some pics, ate some food, it was a blast. Then Jason and I decided to walk out in the gardens of the mansion. It was so romantic."

"As we stopped to admire some particularly gorgeous flowers, he kinda looked over at me, and restlessly asked, 'Caroline, you know, there has been something I've been wanting to ask you.'"

"I was like, 'Yes?' And all of a sudden, Jason dropped to one knee and pulled out a ring. He looked at me with the utmost love in his eyes and said, 'Caroline Elizabeth Abbot, will you marry me?'"

"I don't exactly remember what happened after that, except that I said yes! I do know we danced to the most beautiful song ever. It was the best day of my life! He is the most wonderful person ever. I love him SO MUCH."

"Oh, that is SO SWEET!!!!!" Margret exclaimed. "That is the most romantic proposal story ever!!"

"Oh thank you!" I replied. "It was pretty amazing. The wedding is this spring! I'm so glad the school year ends sooner than normal! But now I'm trying to do well in college, plan my wedding from across the world, and make my wedding dress! Not to mention the runway project due in THREE WEEKS."

"Oh, that's gotta be tough!" Christina said. "If you need any help with sewing anything, just tell us! We are pretty much done designing our projects so now we just have to sew. We have time to help with yours if you need!"

"Oh yeah of course!" Margret added. "We are totally willing to help!" 

"Thank you so much, guys! You don't know how much this means to me!"

"Yeah, I only have like two more months to plan it! OH, I have to do the bridesmaid dresses too..... I might just buy those. Yeah, that's a good ide....."

"Wait. That's a genius idea!! That is such a good idea!!"

"I know what I'm going to do now!! Thanks, guys! You're the best!!"

"Um, yeah, Caroline! You're welcome! We'll just, uh, leave you to your designing." 

"Haha yeah, looks like you got a brainwave! See ya later girl! Thanks for telling us about the proposal!"

But I didn't hear them. I was already scribbling down my ideas for my designs! This was perfect!

(update: I can't exactly explain what I was going to do, it's kinda complex, but I will post pics of the finished outfits later!) 

I wasn't going to fail this assignment. This time I had an original idea. 


Did you guys like it??? I hope so! It was super fun to shoot! And I have some awesome posts coming up soon!!!!! Thanks for reading guys! Look out for the next one soon!!!


  1. I can't wait for the next one! :D


  2. I liked it. Does it take a lot of effort to take all those photographs?

    1. Thank you! Yeah, I mean it can take a long time, but if you put on some good music and have fun with it, its not that bad! :)


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