September Update!!!!!

Can you believe it guys? It's already September! School started, and I got super busy! I have kinda just figured out my schedule so now I think I can post a little more! But anyway, here we go! This was my Septemeber.....

Lets' start things off with the AMAZING sunset! So pretty!

Oh yeah..... That's my fav lunch!

I found a new friend! His name is Jeff. Anna didn't like him much. I let him go back in the field but he was fun to carry around for a while! (I love snakes, in case you didn't know.)

My bro Alex came home!!!!!! SO happy! He was living in Albuquerque but he moved home! :) 

Hung out with Anna some more!

We went to the fair! I enter things in in 4H and I also did a piano song! That was fun! Anna and I got to go on the rides!!! SO much fun!

My mom teaches 3rd and 4th grade at a homeschool program and I go help her out! I  get to teach Geography!


I played around with some snap chat filters on Tanner's monkey! He's so cute!

I made cupcakes in ice cream cones! SO yummy!!

Hahaha! This is me and my three siblings! Katie and Alex are the oldest! They are twins. Tanner, on the far left, is 15 and I'm 13! But the height difference! LOL I'm taller than Katie and then Tanner is taller than Alex! They look about the same but that's because of Alex's hair. lol 

Haven loving on Libby! Haven is the little girl that my sister nannies. We get to see her a lot! :) 

Hanging with my girlfriends!!

That night was the Youth Group Launch! We have blacklights so we can draw on ourselves with a highlighter and it shows up! LOL, It's pretty awesome!

Trying to take a nice pic with Anna. Didn't work out like I'd hoped!!! LOL 

Love this pic!

And then we finally got rain!!! We haven't had rain is SO LONG. Awesome clouds.

Bright and beautiful mornings! 

And it's firewood time! So we got out on Saturdays and collect firewood, then we go home and chop and stack it! We heat with wood so we need a lot of it!

A gorgeous rose garden we got to go see!

Such a pretty garden!

My grandparents came to visit! That was fun!

GO, TANNER!!!! He runs cross country!

Anna and I took a walk! 

The awesome conference I went to!

With none other than Anna herself! LOL

Add on to a fun restaurant for lunch!

HAHA, fun bonus! Look closely at that little head peeking around the corner at Grandma's feet. BENJI!!!! So cute!

 OK, guys! That was my month! Awesome fun and had a great time! What was the best thing you did all month! And, do you guys like these posts? If you don't, tell me and I'll stop! But I kinda feel like you do and I love writing them! So tell me your thoughts! Thanks!


  1. The post are okay, but I wish you'd post more about your doll.

    1. Ok! Thank you for your feedback! I'll do my best! :)


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