JASON!!!!!!!! :):):):)

*opens large red curtains on stage* 
"Ladies and Gentlemen... May I present to you, Jason Alexander Woodman!"

I have done it!! I finally got Jason!!!!! I ordered an old kit doll and put his wig on him and here he is!!! I LOVE how he came out!!!!!!! Here's a little photo shoot on him! He's really photogenic!

I had to add these gorgeous fall leaves!!! The pictures came out so pretty!!!!

This is one of my faves! His hair is carrot red! :) XD

Jason's outfit is from Silly Monkey, a doll clothes website that has amazing stuff!!!! The wedding is sponsored by them, but more on that later!!!! Here is a link to their website! Silly Monkey

So, do you like him??? I LOVE HIM!!!!  :) Caroline does too! LOL
Anyway, see you guys later!!


  1. Wow. Pretty cool how you made an old doll into a boy doll. At least now you can buy Logan- Tennney Grant's friend- if you want another boy doll:)

    1. Thank you!! Yeah It was pretty awesome to do! I love how he came out! I think I might buy a logan doll.... Not sure! I LOVE Tenney so we will see!


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