DREAMS: Episode 1


It was 4:00 A.M. Time to get up. I thought about my day. Was I ready for my next year in CSM? I had barely made it through last year! And now that Jason and I were engaged, that meant a lot more to think about! 
Here goes nothing.

I sat up in bed and looked through a little social media for a few mins.

Then I opened up my Bible and did my daily devotions. Now, I am NOT a morning person and would much rather do my devotions at night but I have so much homework! And I find that doing my devotions first things first puts me in a good mood! And, it gives me a better outlook on my day. 

"Ohh... not early rising again," a voice stated from the corner. 

"I hate mornings," my roommate Katherine told me. 

"Oh good morning Katherine! Did you sleep well?" I asked. 

"Yeah, but I would like to sleep at least one more hour!" complained Katherine. "Oh well. Ready to get up and clean our room?" 
We, as roommates, decided we would get up an hour early to do devotionals, clean our room, and make sure our homework was done. Our first classes started at 6:30 so we needed to hurry! It was already 4:30. 

"Wow, our room looks great!" Katherine exclaimed after we were done. 

"Alright, let's pop into our outfits!" I said. 

I chose to wear one of my original designs because, you know, they are totally me!

I turned around and Katherine was wearing this! (she's a junior in college, just like I am)

"Katherine, are you really going wear that?" I asked.

"Of course!" she replied. "This is totally me!"

"Ok! It is important to be yourself here!" I answered.

"Alright! Let's go get some breakfast." Katherine said. 
"Alright let me just check with Jason here quick!" I quickly pulled out my phone. 

I snapchated him. 

Within a few minutes, he replied! He's so sweet!

We walked into the community kitchen for the dorms. There were some nice muffins! They don't usually give you breakfast but they do on the first day of school!

Just then I saw my old friends from the previous years! 

"Hey, Margret!" I exclaimed.

"Caroline!!!!! Oh, my word how are you??" she asked.

"And how was your summer???"

"Well for one thing," I replied, "I got engaged!" 

"No way!!! To Jason? That's so awesome!!! You will have to tell me all about it!"

"Haha, totally! Maybe this weekend we could hang out at my dorm and watch a movie or something!?" "That would be awesome!" Margeret responded.

I turned to the girl across from me. "Hello! Are you new? I didn't catch your name!" 

"Hello! My name is Christina. Yeah, this is my first year here! I'm super excited! You know...."

"Is that a Caroline Elizabeth design your wearing?" she asked. 

"Haha yeah, actually I AM Caroline Elizabeth! I thought I'd wear my own design!"

"What?? NO WAY!!!! You are like my all time favorite designer!!!!!! Your Winter/Spring line was exquisite." 

"Aww, thank you so much! That means so much to me! I mean, I did only have 4 designs you know!" 
I was taking a liking to Christina! She was so sweet!

"Yeah, but who cares!" she exclaimed. "It was so good!"

"Thank you so much!!!"

"Well girls, nice talking to y'all but I got a class to get to," said Ray. She was very popular! We weren't exactly friends but she wasn't mean either. She was actually pretty nice once you got to know her! Anyway, I realized I was almost late for my class. I rushed down the hall and entered my Apparel Design class. My teacher was Tracy Smith, the hardest teacher in the college!

"Welcome to another year of Apparel Design!" she started off. "My name is Tracy Smith." 
So let's get right on with it! I already have a challenge for you......."
Here we go. Another year.

A little disclaimer. I don't know at all what CSM is like so if you do and I portrayed something wrong, please tell me! This is how I imagined the school to be like! Anyway, stay tuned for the next episode soon!!!


  1. I love it so much! I hope the next episode is out soon!
    <3<3 Mira

    1. Thank you so much!!! I hope to post it soon!!!!

  2. Oh my gosh Chloe!!!! So great! I can't wait for the next one!!!

    1. Thank you so much!!! I had a ton of fun writing and shooting it! It was awesome to create the set and everything!

    It's out! YEEEEE! I love it, keep up the great work!

    1. Aww thank you!!!! I can't wait to make the next one!

  4. This is AWESOME!

    P.S. Sorry I haven't texted in a while. My phone ran out of battery and I keep forgetting to charge it.

  5. you should become a writer it was great.:)


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