August Update

WHAT??? Already back with an August update??? Well this month was AWESOME!!! Fun filled and packed with adventure! So starting off, I went on a missions trip to Guatemala! Sadly, my iPod was stolen on the first day so I don't have any pictures!! But, my brother Tanner made a video of the trip thats a little short snippet of what we did! It's not on Youtube yet, but as soon as he posts it I will post the link here so you can go too!!

After we came home from Guatemala, I went on the middle school retreat with our church! My bestie Anna came with!!!


Eating at my uncle's pizza shop!!

Anna and I on the Alpine slides at Whitefish resort!

At our campsite! We stayed at the gorgeous lake of whitefish! 
Man I love that hat on Anna. You know? I don't think she knows how much I post about her on here! LOL she doesn't read my blog... hahahah

My dad was on the trip as a leader! He and another leader made this awesome rock tower!

Eating breakfast with two Anna's and a Sophia! Actually that girl in the background is another Chloe! LOL there were three Chloe's and four Anna's!! 

Glacier National Park

AWESOME view!!! We took a hike!

Anna and I!!! Ah, yeah, she fell in the water!!! HAHAHA that was really funny!! Don't worry she was laughing too!

Alton, my youth pastor! Ha and that's my dad in the backround!

I got to see my family when we ate pizza! 

Ha there's Bethany in the background! Car rides were really fun!

At home again with a gorgeous sunset!

Sadly, I had to move down from the treehouse! So now I have my studio in my room!!

Sunsets in summer are amazing!

Then my dad and Tanner and I embarked on our annual hike! 

Camping for one night and hiking the next day! 

Lol I think Tanner was giving me a commentary on his hotdog.... 

The reward at the top! So amazing! Do you see that pointy peak in the background closest to Tanner? That's called pyramid peak! We hiked all the way over there and back in one day! Not to mention the struggle on the mountain we were on in the picture! lol That's what are hikes are like! We read a chapter from Job up there and Oh my word it was so majestic. We all recited a verse we had learned on the hike... 

Psalms 90:2 "Before the mountains were brought forth, or ever You had formed the earth or the world, from everlasting to everlasting, You Are God."

When we got back, I started to design WEDDING STUFF!!!!!! Guys, the wedding is happening sooner than you think! I'm thinking October? That's because Caroline's and Jason's story is turning into a photo story series! I'll elaborate on that more soon!

Bride's maids dress ideas?
So guys! That was my month!!! I really hope you enjoyed! I will get that Guatemala link up asap! What is your favorite verse?


  1. I CAN'T WAIT to see your guy's Guatemala video!! (I'm hoping to go next year, but I'll have to tell you more later!)
    That middle school trip sounded like so much fun!
    Where is it that you guys hiked to? It looks like you guys had a blast!
    Love that verse!
    I LOVE those bridesmaid dresses! *insert heart eyes emoji here* lol!
    Looks like such a fun month!
    ~Mira <3<3

    1. Thank you so much!! I will do my best to get Tanner to post the YouTube vid. LOL
      The MS trip was AWESOME!
      We hiked to Sherman Peak and Bald Peak1
      Thank you!!
      IT WAS!!!!!!

  2. Ok, looking at those pictures make me more excited for the wedding. Caroline's dress looks great! What colors are you thinking of for the wedding? How do you plan on doing their hair? Who's the pastor? Will you borrow any of your friends dolls for the wedding if they have them? Sorry I'm bombarding you with questions, I do that when I'm excited XD.

    1. Hahah! That is a lot of questions! LOL
      Ok I'm not sure what colors yet cause I have to figure out when the wedding is! I plan on doing Caroline's hair in a braided updo, really pretty, and I'm not sure about the pastor! lol And yes I am borrowing lots of dolls for the wedding!! :) Thanks for your curiosity! I love reading your comments! They bring a smile to my face!


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