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Hello, everybody!!! Chloe speaking! I'm here today with Jason and Caroline!  So today I wanted to share a backstory for Jason and Caroline! I wanted to show you what they are both doing in life right now and where they grew up and what they are in college for and when they met and all that fun stuff!! So we will start with Caroline!!!

    Hi, guys! Caroline here! SO! My story began when I was born obviously. I grew up in a wonderful Christian home and accepted Christ as my Savior when I was 7 years old. I had a wonderful life. I had three kitties and a dog named Bear and two brothers and a sister. Bear died and then we got another dog named Libby! She was so cute! Very funny and weird! Then my grandparents moved here from New York! That was so much fun! We built them a house right next door and went back and forth constantly. This was so important to me because I loved them so much but also because I learned how to sew! I sewed doll clothes and had so much fun doing it!!!!
That was a life changer for me. Sewing is now my life and my career!

        So a few years later 12-year-old me was looking on Pixie Faire, a doll pattern website, and found a free pattern done by Diane Cusak from 18 on Main. I downloaded it and was looking through it when I saw that she wanted pattern testers to test her patterns before they came out!! I confess my first thought was, "Oh free patterns!!!" Lol, Sorry Miss Diane!!:) Anyway I emailed her and asked her about it and she said she would love it if I were a pattern tester for her! I was super excited! And then I guess we just started emailing back and forth and got to know one another really well! Pretty soon we were the best of friends! We scyped every day.

      This was the real beginning of my love for fashion. I designed constantly and made the things I designed for myself! I had too much fun. I even had a tree house that I sewed in. I had my sewing machine, computer, all my craft supplies, and a ton of fabric up there! I was there every day all day in the summer. Well, when I turned 13, I decided to start my own design company on Pixie Faire. I had so much fun designing and creating patterns for dolls.
   I started making a lot of money and when I grew older I flew to Chicago and New York City! I visited all the major fabric stores and design houses!! It was amazing.
Well, when I graduated, I decided to go to Central Saint Martin's Fashion Design College in London, UK. I am still there currently and come home for summers.
       BUT I SKIPPED A PART OF MY LIFE!!! When I was 14 I met this dashing young man named Jason. We met each other at a youth event at my church. He came with one of his friends and we just kinda started talking I guess. Well, I didn't think I would ever see him again but low and behold on my first day of high school I walk in and there is Jason talking to that same friend! I was so excited! And then I found out that he was going to go to our church!! I didn't realize that our dads were great friends so we found ourselves together a lot!! When I turned 16 we started going out on a few dates and dated ever since! That was a great time in my life for sure! And then, as you know, when I was 19 we got engaged. It was really hard when I went away to college! We face timed every night, and that was super stressful because CSM is REALLY hard!  And I still have a few years left! We are trying to figure out what to do. Anyway, that is my story! I'm super excited to see what will happen in years to come!

(Chloe: BTW guys Caroline's story is mine right up until the design company on Pixie Faire. I want that to happen that's for sure!  The rest of my story is what I WANT to happen!!! LOL)

Yo,  guys! Jason here!
So I grew up in an average home. We weren't Christians but we weren't bad people either. I had two sisters and a dog and I loved to read and was pretty smart. I got straight A's and I was a good kid! I was popular, played sports, had all the girls, life was good! But something was missing.
      When I was 13, my friend Jacob invited me to his church for youth group. At first, I didn't want to. It sounded weird. But something in me told me to go! So I went with him. Man, I loved it so much! Everyone was so nice and the minute I walked in I felt so welcomed. I felt at home. The games were super fun too! Well, then we sat down for the lesson. I will remember that moment forever. The youth pastor clearly laid out the plan of Salvation. It clicked with me. I knew right then that that was what I was missing. When youth group was over, I went and talked to the youth pastor and prayed with him. It was the best moment of my life. That empty space was totally filled. I even got a brand new bible!!
    I was kind of nervous that night when I went home.  What would my parents think? I started to pray. When I got home, the took a deep breath and told them everything that had just happened. To my amazing surprise, they were really interested. They asked me more questions and I showed them my bible. For days after that, they were intently reading it and discussing it! I told them about the church I went to and they decided to go. Our first Sunday there, they accepted Christ. It was the second best day of my life! lol Anyway, my sisters, on the other hand, were really against the whole thing and even to this day, we are still trying to witness to them.
So, as you now know I met Caroline a year later. We totally grew up together. My parents loved her too! Ha, just like I did. So when we graduated I decided I wanted to go into movie production and I'm currently at  Grand Canyon University.
It was super hard for Caroline and me when she went to London. We spend every moment of our free time together in the summer and when she comes home. Sadly, our breaks can differ for sometimes she will be home and I can't be. So, we just make it work!

So we have decided to wait until we have finished college to get married. We know that is probably the smartest thing to do! So we will be planning this for a long time!

Ok, guys! That's the end of today's post! Hope you enjoyed getting to know Jason and Caroline and I have some fun things coming so watch out!!!!! BYE!!!


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