Hey, Guys! Caroline and Jason speaking! So recently we were invited by a filming company to go act in a music video over in New Jersey! After they read the story about our engagement, Big Meadows Productions, and Little Dolls on the Praire teamed up to create a music video of a song called "I'll Wait for you" by Moriah Peters and Joel from For King and Country. That is kind of "our song" if you know what I mean! So you can imagine our delight when we were called to act for it!
So they set the dates and we realized that Jason would already be in New Jersey for a business trip, so  I had to fly alone. That was fine but it would have been more fun to fly with him!

I woke up at 2:00 in the morning and drove to the airport cause my plane was leaving at 5:00. I went through security fine and boarded my plane to Seattle. That was fun! 

I got a window seat! That is the best way to go. Although, I do like the isle! I love the room. 

I went all out and bought a Starbuck's drink! Man those are expensive at airports! I knew that but I think they keep going up. :(

I got my glasses on and read a book on my phone. 

I just love the views from planes.

The Cascade Mountain Range!!

Oh, and I also saw Mt. Rainier! It's around 14,000 feet high.


After my LONG 5 hour flight from Seattle to Newark, I got to my hotel around 5:00 I went swimming and was reading a book on my bed by 8:00 and was awaiting Jason's arrival. He was staying in the room across from me. This was the last day he would be working so he was free for the rest of the week. We had lots of plans!

I had also unpacked! Presently I heard a knock on the door.

"Is that Jason?!"

"Oh hello, Jason!!!! How are you doing?" I said.


"It's so good to see you even though we have only been separated for a week!" Jason exclaimed.

" Lol I know right! So you're in the room across from me?" I asked.

"Yup! And actually, we have like three days before we have to go to the shoot!" 

"Let's talk about our plans for the day tomorrow! They have an awesome pool!!" I said.
"Alright will do! Well, see you tomorrow dearest!" Jason closed. "I love you."

I was almost too excited to go to sleep! This would be so much fun! And we could start talking about our plans for our wedding. It was still so new to me! Pretty soon though, my eyes drooped and I fell fast asleep dreaming about weddings and swimming pools and Starbucks drinks. I know. Really weird. I didn't choose the subjects!!! LOL

Alright, see you soon for another update!!!!
Caroline and Jason. 


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