So the next day we went to the swimming pool at the hotel! It was super nice and deep and had a diving rock instead of a diving board! I thought that was creative!

We sat down on the edge in the sunshine and started to talk. 

"I think we should definitely go to New York City!!" I said. 

"Oh of course!" Jason agreed. "But we need to go to the 'Top of the Rock' too!"

"And we, of course, are going to the beach!"

"Yes!! And we need to go to  Philidalphea and the historic sites there!"

"Oh my so much to do and so little time!" I realized.

"Well, Jason, there is another thing we need to discuss! We need to set the date for our wedding!" I exclaimed happily. 

"Oh, I nearly forgot! Ha, I'm just kidding! I was just going to say the same thing."

"Well, we are both have two years left of school. But I don't really want to wait that long!"

"Yeah, I know what you mean," Jason said. "Well, how about we think about it and then soon we can decide on what to do!"

"Sounds good," I said. "But for now, how about we go swimming!!!"

"Oh yeah! I was waiting for you to say that."

'Want to have a swimming contest?" Jason asked. 

"Oh, it's ON!!! But first, you look a little too dry!"

After about and hour and a half of swimming and splashing and jumping, we sat down again breathless and laughing.

"Oh, my!!!" I laughed. "That was so much fun!!!!"

"We should do it again soon!!!"

"Well, we have the time!" Jason said. "How bout tomorrow same time?"

"You got it, Jason."

(Special thanks to Maddy and Libby Coombs for helping me with the shoot and letting me use their pool!!!)


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you so much!!! It was so fun to take the pictures but dangerous as well! I had to keep from dropping the camera and the dolls in the water!


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