After the ice cream we all squeezed in the truck and when we got home we did each other's hair. We sat down to watch TV in our Pj's because we were going to have a sleepover!!!!!! 

"Sorry about my locker..... I forgot to shut the door and I know it looks really bad!!!!"

"Oh, no problem! I really don't care!" I responded.

"Hmm. What should we watch? What about 'Grace Stirs up Success'?" I asked.

"Sure!" we all agreed.

"This is my favorite movie!" Gracelyn said. 

"I know right??"

After watching Grace, we turned the couch around and all sat in a circle. 

"Hey, Caroline!!" Gracelyn said. "Tell us the engagement story!"

"Ok! Well, we were at a ball and we had just gone to sit in the garden!"

"We had talked for a little bit and all of a sudden he's like, 'Caroline, I have something to ask you'."

Then he dropped down on one knee and asked, 'Caroline Elizabeth Abbot, will you marry me?' I was so excited I was stunned for a moment and then I said yes!"

"Oh! That is so romantic!!!! He really knew how to pull it off!" Gracelyn said excitedly. "Yes definitely!' Lanie said. "Want to do a little karaoke?"

So we put it on. It was kind of funny. We were all college aged and mature and here we are singing karaoke! It was pretty fun though! It's fun to do things that you did when you were little sometimes!

After we finished our singing, we got all our beds ready and sat down to talk a little bit!

"You can have the bed Caroline," Gracelyn said. "You need your beauty sleep!"

"Oh thank you!" I said. 

'Ha, " I laughed. "Our engagement pictures going to be taken soon when we get to the beach, so actually I do! lol"

"I still can't believe we are engaged! We have been dating for like 5 years!"

"How do you really feel about it?" Lanie asked. 

"I'm so excited!!! I mean I know we are young but we don't want to wait too long."

"Although we might, cause we both have two years left of school. I just don't want to wait two years."

"Hey don't worry!" Mckenna said. "It will happen in God's timing and you don't have to worry about it. Pray about it some more!" "I will," I replied. "Thank you for that!"

After that, we all sat around with our pillows and exchanged stories of our lives and what we had done all these years!

"Thanks for having me tonight guys," I said when we finished talking. 

"You're totally welcome anytime Caroline," Gracelyn said. 

Goodnight everyone! What do you usually do when you have sleepovers!?


  1. So fun! When I have sleepovers, I usually watch movies and stay up all night talking to my friends!

    1. Sounds like too much fun!! Yeah I do too! I never used to stay up REALLY late but just last night I stayed up till 1:00. Whoops! Maybe started high school musical 3 a little late??? :p


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