HELLO EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Caroline here! So I have some SUPER exciting news for ya'll!!!!! Keep reading!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It all started on a dark and stormy night. No seriously!!!! I ran in the rain down our driveway to get the mail and I get this super cool invitation!! It says, "Caroline, you have been invited to an 1800's ball on June 4." I'm like cool! I get to dress up!!!! I keep reading and it says Jason invited me!! That got me going. So on June 4th, we both arrive at the ball! It was at the most sumtuous manision I have ever seen!

It was so pretty. They took an old wagon and used it as the table!! Lovely.

We saw our friends Katrina and Joel. They were from the youth group we used to attend!

"Hey, Katrina!" I said. "How are you doing this fine night?" We talked for a little bit while Jason went to talk with Joel.

"Hey, man!" Jason greeted him. "How have things been going lately?" 

After talking a little bit, Jason came over to me.

"Miss Caroline, may I have this dance?"

"Why, of course, Mr. Jason!"

"You look especially lovely tonight dear," Jason complimented me.

"Why thank you. You look just as handsome!" I replied.

"We should go sit in the garden," he suggested. "Sure! But I think the host, Abby, is about to speak." I told him.

"Hello everybody!!" Abby called. 

"Welcome to the annual 1800's ball! Everyone looks just lovely! We have dancing, food, and a photo booth! Feel free to roam about the gardens and have fun dancing! If you would like a song played, go ahead and request it from our DJ."

Jason and I decided to take our picture together first. 

I love it! It came out so nice.

After that, we went to the garden and were admiring the flowers. "It's such a lovely night tonight," I commented.

All of a sudden, that fidgetiness was back! The same one from the date! I started to get a little nervous. 
"It sure is." He replied. "You know, there has been something I've been wanting to ask you." 

"Yes??" I questioned.

Suddenly, he dropped down on one knee and produced a ring! "Caroline Elizabeth Abbot, will you marry me? "

"What??? Oh, my word! Jason!"

"Jason Alexander Woodman, I would be honored to be your wife."

"Oh, Jason!!!! I don't believe you!!!! Oh...."

"Thank you, Caroline! Oh man, this is the best day of my life!" Jason cried.

"You are the light of my life Jason."

"Caroline, I just want to say how much I love you. Every time I'm sad, I just think about you and instantly a smile comes to my face. I want to spend the rest of my life with you."

He let go and fumbled around in his jacket pocket and took out an object. Then he took his coat off and grabbed something around his neck. 

"These necklaces are for us, Caroline. I have a lock and you have the key. You unlocked my heart and I fell in love with you. This is just a little reminder I had made up." "Oh thank you so much, Jason! Oh, thank you! I just don't know what to say!!" Tears were streaming down my face now out of joy.

Meanwhile, Katrina had just watched the whole thing. She ran around to the front and told everyone:

"Guys!!! Can I please have your attention!  I have an announcement!"

"Jason just proposed to Caroline so let's all congratulate them! Here they come now!!!"

"CONGRATULATIONS JASON AND CAROLINE!!!!!!!!!!!" Everyone yelled. 

"Oh, thank you so much, everyone!!! We are SO excited!!!!!!" I exclaimed.

"Congratulations guys!" Abby said. "This will be talked about for years to come!"

"Thank you so much!" Jason said.

(gentle slow music starts now.)

We danced and danced to slow music. It was all like a dream to me. I thought I was going to wake up any minute and it would all be over. But then Jason stepped on my toes and I'm like oh no dream!!!

It was so romantic.

"I'll love you forever Jason Alexander Woodman," I said.

"I will love YOU forever Caroline Elizabeth Abbot."

And then we kissed.


  1. Replies
    1. Oh thank you so much!!!!!! This post was literally SO fun to create and I had fun taking the pictures with my BFF!!!!! It was super fun to write too!

  2. SO exciting! How old are they though?!


    1. LOL!!! Thank you!!! Caroline is 19, and Jason is 20!

  3. So cute! Can't wait for more!

    1. Thank you!!!!!!! It's so much fun to write romantic type stories like this! I love writing photo stories! Can't wait to do the wedding! Although if I want to do that in real time it won't be for awhile sadly! I guess I could just say.... 1 and a half years later....LOL

  4. AWWWW! This was awesome! And LOLOLOL! "It was all like a dream to me. I thought I was going to wake up any minute and it would all be over. But then Jason stepped on my toes and I'm like oh no dream!!!" THAT WAS HILARIOUS! XD

    This was so awesome. XD


    1. Oh thanks you so much!!!! This post was SO much fun to write!!! I just thought about all those things that guys do sometimes and you know sometimes they are a little awkward and get super nervous!! And I remembered that my dad can't dance to save his life so that was also a factor!!! LOL!!! :P Anyways I'm super excited for the wedding!! I have a few details to smooth out but it should happen soon!!

    2. You're so welcome! LOLOL! XD That's HILARIOUS. XD Oh my gosh, I can't wait for the wedding post! (Take your time of course, lol, no pressure XDD) I can't wait! :D

  5. how did you dye Jasons hair?

    1. I actually didn't dye his hair! It's totally a new wig!

  6. Beautiful story, I loved the decorations! I also adore her dress, where did you get it from!?

    1. Thank you so much!! It was super fun to decorate the place! A friend actully gave me the dress. She knitted it herself! Sorry! I know, I love it too! :)


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