May Update!!

Hey, guys!!!! Can't believe I'm already back for a monthly update!!!!! May went by so fast!! We did so much and I can't wait to share it all with you!

So my month started off with my annual tea party with Diane Cusack from 18 on Main, (Pixiefaire designer)! So much fun!! Since she lives on the other side of the country we have em over skype. Lol

Had too much fun taking care of Maddi here! He's my neighbors dog and he's so sweet!!!

The sun finally returned and it's summery weather!

Benji enjoys being petted on my lap ALL OF THE TIME!!!!!

Went out for ice cream with my sissy Katie!

Oh, man so much fun!! At our church they have an annual event called the Color Games that they put on every year! SO much color!!!!

Had a piano recital! Went pretty good!

Mr. Turtel from a museum!

Mother and went out for ice cream at FroYo to celebrate my piano competition! Got a 93 on my piece! I was hoping for better but still happy with the result!

A super cool bridge at a park we visited!

Hung out with Anna some more!!! Her first time kayaking and she did really well!

Yup. Then I got braces. A full set! ugg

An early tea party with Miss Diane! She was going to be gone on the first Monday so we did it early! Also a great, fun tea party!!

We then went to Montana to visit relatives over Memorial Day weekend.

Mom and Papa!

Ok if you ever find yourself in Bigfork, MT, go to Rosa's Pizza!!!!!!!!!! It's my uncle's pizza shop, and I'm not kidding. It is the best pizza in the WORLD!!!!!!!!!! 

Hiked down this REALLY steep hill to Ross Creek at Ross Creek Ceders. 

HUGE hollow tree!!

Saw some fun mountain goats!!!

And let's end this with something funny. Tanner was being weird on the way home. BTW he has his own SUPER AWESOME channel on YouTube called BIG MEADOWS PRODUCTIONS!!!!! Seriously, he has such amazing videos!!! Also, go to his drone channel Same name but Aerial Imaging would be attached! Thanks!!! Alright! What fun things did you do this month?


  1. Oh fun! I was immediately curious about the piano recital (I play too and I actually am about to leave for lessons in a little while) - what song? :D
    ~ LIght4theLord

    1. Oh thank you!!!! I love playing the piano. I was playing First Arabesque by Claude Debussy. It took me like half a year to learn!!!! It was super hard!!! Thanks for asking!

  2. So cool! You play piano?! I do too! :) Also, you look great in braces. <3


    1. Yeah I do play! I've been playing since preschool! Aww. Thanks!!! I still have to get used to my braces but yeah I know my smile will look nice in the end!! Thank you!

  3. It was super fun to see what you have been doing this month! I've mostly been reading.


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