Ice Cream Truck!!!

After we finished eating, Jason took me to the ice cream truck on his street bike.

"HELLO, EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!" I yelled!

"This is my boyfri- no! Fiance, Jason!" I said.

"Nice to meet you all!" Jason replied. 

"Wait!" McKenna cried. "Take some donuts before you go! We made too many and thought you might like to have a little snack!'

"Oh, thank you very much! I love donuts so much! Caroline would know that!"

"Goodbye, Jason! I love you so much and will see you tomorrow!" I said. "Goodbye, Caroline! Have fun!" Jason replied.

"Hello, Mckenna!" I cried! "I've missed you so much!!' 

"Hello, Lanie!"

"Hello, Gracylyn!" I said. "Hello, Caroline!!!!" 

"We have all missed you so much!! How are you?"

"I'm doing great!!! Some really exciting things have been happening lately!"

"And you're engaged!!!! When did that happen??" Lanie asked. 

"Yeah!! You have to tell us that story!" Gracylyn added. 

"Oh yeah, I will! How bout tonight at the sleepover?"

"Sure! That would be a lot of fun." Mckenna agreed. 

 "Oh by the way, here's some ice cream!"

"You have such a cute ice cream truck!" I exclaimed.

"Thanks!" they all said. 'We have worked hard on it and we love selling ice cream with each other."

"What are you doing out here anyway?" Lanie asked.

"Oh well, Jason and I were invited to film a music video........."


Special thanks to Abby and Faith Tomer for helping me and letting me borrow the ice cream truck and the dolls! Had a ton of fun taking pictures with you!


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