A Date

The other day Jason and I went on a little date! A picnic really. lol

We found our favorite spot and laid the blanket out.

Then I passed out the food!

Pizza is so good! He knows how much I like it and he picked it up for me as a surprise!!

We talked and ate and talked some more. He is so fun to talk to!!!

We soon transferred over to raisins, carrots, and chips.

After we got everything cleaned up, we played some UNO!

That is literally the most fun game to play. Best with lots of people but caused a lot of laughter! Tons of memories!!!

After we finished the game I walked over and sat next to Jason and leaned my head on his shoulder. He seemed a little fidgety but I ignored it.  We gazed at the sunset and made up shapes in the clouds.

"You know Caroline, there's something I wanted to ask you." Jason had said. "Yes?" I inquired. 

He started to get up and akwardly kneel but all of a sudden his phone rang. He laughed nervously and sat down again while he took the call. 

"I'm so sorry Caroline, but I have to go. My boss called and I have to go back to work."

"Oh... Alright..." I said.  So he hugged me and left.

What did he try to ask me???


  1. I too wonder what he asked. But, how old are they?

    1. Oh!!!!! You will just have to wait till the next post!!! It will be coming today or tomorrow!!!!! Caroline is 19 and Jason is 20!!! So, what do you think??

  2. how old are they? and what was he going to ask?

    isabel 💜

    1. Well you will just have to wait till the next post to find out!!!!! Jason is 20 and Caroline is 19!!! What do you think he was going to ask????

  3. Jason is kinda ugly... sorry Jason!

    1. I know Jason isn't handsome at all but he was the only doll I could use to make a boy. When I get the funds to buy an AG doll of eBay I will change him out. Please be nice about it though. I almost deleted your comment because it hurt me but I felt like I needed to get this message out. Thanks for understanding.


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