Meet: Livia Thomas

Hello! So today I would like to welcome Livia Thomas to the family!! Here is a fun photoshoot dedicated to her along with my very first review!

She has long soft brown hair that has a quiet curl. I in all my days have not felt such soft hair on a doll!! It is so nice!!

She has such beautiful bluegreen eyes. 

Her yellow and white shoes have blue and pink dots on them!

She has a pink and yellow flowered peasant style top with a necklace attached to it!

She has two bracelets, one green and one yellow. 

Her shorts are very detailed! 

Her shirt also Velcro's in the back.

Her pockets are real too!

Her shorts have a sweet fray on the edge.

She also has a fun little hat that is fun to style on her head!

Love her hair!!!!!!!

She is a Hearts for Hearts doll that costs 50.00 on Amazon. I love her so much!!!!! 
So there you have it! So adorbs! She is Grace's little sister :)! Love!


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