April Update

So this is a thing I have never done before! Here is a little update for the month of April!

Our weather up here in the grand state of Washington is very interesting! It has been raining so much! Usually, by now it is getting dry and warm and all the flowers are out but I haven't seen that many flowers and its still 50 out!

 There are crazy clouds, sunshine, rain, and hail all the time! There was a fantastic thunderstorn yeterday.

The weather hasn't stopped our kayaking though! We go to a lake called horeshoe lake and it has a wonderful waterfall and a cool hole in the ground called Devil's Well.

Precious Sofie! Love that cat! She's so cute!

Jason and Caroline! They have a lot of photoshoots that I can't post beacause I have to post some dates first!!!! LOL. hint hint

Libby! She's so sweet! I love getting pictures like this! 

Oh yeah! I tried the unicorn frap. I din't like it that much! It was kinda fruity flavored and REALLY sour! I will not be having that again! But it is gone now so I don't think there is a chance of that! :D

Hung out with my bestie Anna! We did some photoshoots of Jason and Caroline!

I have lately been helping my kindergarten teacher lately as a voulonteer! She now teaches third grade and the kids are really sweet! I enjoy that!

Love these things at Costco!

These are really good books!!!!!! I LOVE them! You should totally read them if you are interested in fashion!

Oh and this song... so beuatiful! You can't help but worship the Father when you listen to it! I totally recommend it! It is only 67 cents too!!! XD
So there you go! Did you like it? If so please tell me and I will do one next month! Bye for now,


  1. The pictures of the storm are amazing! And Sofie and Libby are SO cute! :D I really wanted the unicorn frap but now I have heard from three people that it's not the best. :)
    ~Kaitlyn (from Kaits AG Crafts)

    1. Oh thank you so much! Yeah the storm was really something!!! Oh yeah the frap wasn't very good. It was SO sour!!! Like it totally defeated it! It was the powder on top that was sour but if you stirred it just once, it was all sour!!!

    2. Ewwwwe! That sounds so gross!

    3. Yeah! It sure didn't live up to it's appearance! It was super pretty!!

  2. Hi Chloe! Are you still interested in doing a photo story collab?

    1. Yes I am!!!!! I would love too! I wish we could email...um I can't figure out how to send it too you! But I still totally want to do it!

  3. I enjoyed reading your past! :)


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