Looking Back.... Christmas

Hey, guys!!!!  Molly here! Sorry for the absence, I don't really have a good excuse! I will be back more, though! Wow... so much has changed! The dollhouse moved, two new family mem.....whoops!! Getting ahead of myself there! Ok, lets' start at the beginning.

It was Christmas in the Noller household. We were just about ready to start passing out gifts!

All the presents were wrapped and under the tree..... couldn't forget the nutcracker, of course!

This year it was Molly's turn to pass out gifts... we took turns cause it made it go a lot easier!

Esther went first... she's the newest after all! She got a sweater, holly and ivy decorations,  and a crown! 

Isabelle got an adorbs purse and some star lipglosses! Also holly and Ivy decor. 

Grace got a party dress, shoes, and the nutcracker. 

Molly, of course, got a black widow costume! She LOVES anything Marvel. 

Addy got a sequined cardigan, a pillow, and a felt tree!

Caroline, who loves the beach, got a swimsuit, and a beach bag complete with a towel and flip flops! That concluded the presents.... or did it?

"Wait!" Isabelle exclaimed, "There's one more!!

"Yeah, it wasn't addressed to anyone." Molly said.

"Yes!!" Grace agreed. "There is one more but it isn't for any of us. May I introduce Samantha Parkington!!!!"

"Hi, guys!" Samantha stuttered. "I am so excited to be your new sister! Grace invited me to come and I decided Christmas would be a good time. Sorry I didn't bring any presents!"

'"Wow!!! This is so great!" I said. "Welcome, Samantha! Can we call you Sammy?"

"Sure!" Samantha said.

We all went around and hugged her. 

"Ok! Now. Go ahead and open your present!!" I exclaimed.

"Oh!!" she shouted. "I LOVE this coat!! I've wanted it for forever! Thank you, everyone! Or should I say, Grace..."

It has always been a tradition of us sisters to put on our gifts! So we all tramped out and changed and came back. 

Addy went to go get cookies. but soon returned... 

I looked around at everyone and my heart was filled with happiness. My whole family was laughing and talking and smiling. I thanked God for all his blessings. Now I was looking forward to a new year with new things! I couldn't wait.......



  1. Welcome Sammy! I love all your presents, but I just might be a little more then jealous over Molly's Black Widow costume...
    So fun!

    I wonder who the second new family member might be...

    1. Lol! You'll find out soon! I'm in the making of..... it! lol Yeah I have a lot to show you guys!


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