Official Announcment

Hey there! Chloe here! I have something really exciting to tell you!!!! So with the sad news that Doll Diaries is over, that means that they won't be doing Camp Doll Diaries!  But... I will be having a camp!
Camp Meadows!!

So all of you should know that I am taking a lot of my things up to my tree house and having tons of fun sewing! Along with that, the girls are going to come with me and have camp! So just like Camp Doll Diaries, I will try to do a post everyday and have tons of fun craft projects! So, I have some printable sign up sheets and cabin sheets! You can even take the logo, print it out on transfer paper and put it on a t-shirt! Well, here we go! Just click the link....

Do you like them? I hope so!!! I hope you will have as much fun as I will!!
Chloe and the Girls

(I'm sorry, but for some reason, the links are dead and I can't fix them. So copy and paste the link address in to your top bar and go to them. That worked for me! So sorry for the inconvenience!)


  1. Great idea! I will do this once my blog is on the internet. Once i do, I will have a link on the latest post.


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