Summer Fun!!!!!

Guess what guys!!!! This summer, we get to go to a camp all summer long!!! It is in the woods and we get our own cabin and we can sew in it! Chloe is really excited about it and she can't wait to get started on cleaning!!!

Chloe here now! I had to push the girls away from here to explain a little!!! What is happening is that I have a tree house and it is realy dirty and yucky! So I have to clean it and get it ready for summer because I am going to move the girls up there and all my sewing for the summer! It will be my dream little sewing room and I am going to have curtains and everything!!!!! There are some shelves, so I am going to make some bedding and make them the beds! I am going to move a lot of my fabric up there and a lot of my doll things!!!! And the best part.... I am bringing my sewing mahine up there!!!!!!!! I am really excited about it!!!!!!! There will be a lot of adventures in the woods this summer! OK!!!!! I'll let the girls have this back..... Hahahahahahahahahah!!

Yay!!!!!! this is so exciting! And we get bunk beds!! I think Chloe is going to make us new capris and shirts just for camp!!!! Ohhhh! I can't wait for all this fun to occur!
Chloe and the girls!

P.S. I hope that you will enjoy the future posts!!!


  1. I'm going to do this on my blog but its not up yet it will be soon i will put a link once I publish it


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