Happy Spring!!

Hello! Addy here! I wanted to welcome in spring! I know this was a week ago, but these were taken on the first day of spring! Here we go!

We have a little pond with a bridge over it. It is full right now!!

Watching the bark float around!!

I even stood on some bark in the pond because I had crocks on!! (got them from Michael's craft store, Springfield!)

Pretty Hair!

Then I decided to climb a tree! Yes, I have a dress on, but its ok!

I was high up too! I had a fun adventure in the tree.

I put some plants in my hair to look springy!

How was your first spring day? I hope you had fun!

Behind the scenes comments!
Leggings and dress: Made by me! Dress pattern can be found here for like 6 bucks! SO WORTH IT! it is litterally the best pattern I have ever made! So easy and fun!! 
Leggings tutorial to come.


  1. Your photos are amazing!! I'm so excited that good weather is getting closer! I love how you've sewn your dresses! You do really amazing work!!!!!! :D


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