My Doll House!

Hey There! Grace here! Us girls begged Chloe to show you guys our house, and she said we had to clean it. :( We did it though, and here you go! :p

So, first we'll start with the living room! 

So, Chloe made us some wooden couches and an ottoman! They are so nice, and are great in our living room! 

We also have a great bookshelf that we keep all of our magazines and books on!

So now we have the dining room that is connected to the living room.

We put a little flower on the table for a sweet little thing! I MISS FLOWERS DURING WINTER!! They are so bright and cheery! :)

We also set the table with some food!

Then behind the table we have a little study corner with some books on it.

We have some storage and things and the washer and dryer to the right of it too!

Then on top, we have a buch of blankets and pillows. Sometimes, we like to get up there and read a book and it is really comfy!

And on the other side, we have more blankets and pillows! 

Then we have have the dogs and cats on the bottom level. The kitchen is there too. It is also sort of a mudroom! :)

We also have little hooks for all of our purses and we have letters above them too!

Well, that's the house for you!! If you want to see any part more closely, them please tell me in the comments! Hope you enjoyed! Also, we have two tutorials on their way! The dress I was wearing and the skirt molly was wearing!


  1. Hi Chloe! Great post! I have a new baking blog, You should check it out!
    Love, Annah


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