Galadriel Dress

Hey there! Chloe here! I have been sewing and thinking things up and I came up with this pattern! I made a Galadriel dress and I wanted to share how to make it with you! It is really fun. 

It even has a lace up back!

First, here are the patterns.

To make sure the patterns are to size, make sure that the 1inch sign is 1 inch. If it isn't, just cut the fabric a little bigger. 

Here is what you need:
~lace fabric
~Shoe lace, white (for lace up back)
~white t-shirt fabric
~Whiet fabric or a large white rag

Cut the directed pieces and lay them out.
(For this project, I didn't have anymore lace, so I decided to use diffrent fabric. Please do try one with white lace too though!) 

Cut out your pieces. Two sleeves, two sides, and your main piece!

Cut a slit down the back.

Use a zigzag stitch to go around the neck and back to hem it. I know I don't have a picture for this step, but now you need to sew the sleeves on the top. Line up the top with the shoulders and sew! I didn't in this tutorial though.

Lay the side piece on top of the main piece and sew.

Sew the side piece to the other side of the main piece. When you are done, all of your pieces should be sewn together, and joined into a dress.

Hem the bottom.

Draw dots where you want your holes to be and poke the holes.

Lace up the back

You are done!!! I hope you like this pattern, and please make a white one with lace~ they are so pretty!


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