Hey guys! Sorry it took me so long to do this post! I have been really busy.......

On Christmas day, we gathered in the living room and got our stockings off the wall. We each took turns pulling something out! Grace, got a sweet little jar on her first pull, and Addy got a little mirror!


Then we passed around the presents! Grace was chosen to go first, so she chose a very curious long box.

She quickly started tearing it open. 

Then she saw her. A Grace doll!!!

Grace was so excited!! She never had a doll before! She hugged her and squeezd her really hard!

Then Molly got a Christmas sweater!

Addy got a little doll dress,

Kaya got a little bag,

Isabelle got a dress,

The fam got a picnic set,

And Kit got a little shirt!

Caroline got a little outfit too! But the best part was when Grace got the family present! 

She was presented with a dog, Bonbon! The two are now best buddies! So cute!
Overall, the girls had a great Christmas.
Thanks for reading!


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