Caroline's Birthday Tea

Today was Caroline's Birthday! She had a lot of fun! It was a little tea party and she invited some of her friends and her sisters. She was walking around making sure everything was set when she heard a meow behind her. She looked just in time to see her naughty cat licorice get up on the refreshments table table and knock everything off! She rushed over to save the things, but it was too late! The muffins were on the ground and some were soaked in tea. Oh well! She picked everything up and was wiping her hands on a towel when Molly arrived.

She kindly brought a present, (of course she did! She's my sister) and hugged me even though we had seen each other this morning. She is sooooo sweet!

Then my friend Rebecca came and also brought a present!

Soon, everyone was there and having a lot of fun. My friehd Josephina also came!

They took photos in front of a tree and were secretly telling each other what my presents were.

Kaya was so sweet and went around picking everybody's presents and coats ad things up and being really nice to everyone.

Everyone had a really good time and I can't wait to see them again! I hope you have a great day tomorow! 


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