The Christmas Sweater

Hi there! I got this adollable sweater at Yokes! (I know right! Yokes?)

This is actully a wine bottle topper, but I saw it and I loved it and I wanted to buy it! It was $4. 

OK. The back is kind of hard to figure out. The sweater is essentially too tight, but all you have to do it cut a slit down the back and put fray check or tacky glue on the edges so that they won't fray. It really is nice! I might handsew velcro on it, but safty pins work great! I put a button at the top for fun. It you have matching buttons, you can sew them all down the back. One other thing. They are in the Christmas section at Yokes, and you have to have socks on their hands to put it on. Their fingers get caught on threads and it was impossible to put it on without. It really is hard to get it on, but once you do, you are rewarded greatly.

There were several choices and I want to get all of them, but fornow,I love this one!
Good Luck!


  1. SO CUTE! I NEED A CHRISTMAS SWEATER. (Whoops, for got to turn the caps off) :p
    -Kit the fantastic


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