Hi there! This is Grace! This is my first post and I am really excited! So here goes...

Last night, we were all in our living room, not knowing what to do when all of a sudden, Caroline jumped up and shouted, "I know what we can do!"

"Whaaat?" we all yelled! (We were so bored that we would do anything! :)

"Well" she said, "maybe that wasn't such a good idea!" "Ohh! Come on Caroline! Don't do that!" We all yelled. (I may be new, but I do know that Caroline loves to tease! :)

"Oh fine!" she cried. "Let's get the Christmas tree out and decorate the house!" "Yes!!!!" We all said together.

Kaya went and found all of the decorations and ended up getting red yarn all over her head!

Being the sweet sisters that they are, they let me put the star up!

Molly and Kaya went to another room to make more decorations.

When Addy put the first ornament on and turned up the Christmas music, the fun began! We put red yarn around it and tied ribbons to it and put blue and white pompoms on it too! We even went so far as to put buckets (yes I mean buckets!) of fake snow on it! It was so fun!

Finally it was done and we sat back and watched a Christmas movie to get us into the Christmas spirit.

It was super fun! 

Extra: Where did I get that adorable sweater? Stay tuned for the next post!



  1. How fun!
    That reminds me that we need to decorate as well!


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