Halloween Homework!

Last night all of us girls were sitting in our living room doing homework discussing the night before. Halloween! 

Caroline was a dancer in a ballroom, Kaya was a cowgirl, Molly was a nurse, Addy was a flight attendant, and Kit was a cheerleader. Isabelle was a gymnast. It was so great!

We went to our churches Harvest Party and got some toys...and LOTS of candy!

Molly and Addy! (and Grace!)

We got some pizza out and some food and drinks.

Caroline did her homework,

and while Grace snuggled in with Addy, she played on the iPad. 

Soon, though, Kit had to leave. (She is our cousin you know!)

Isabelle started her essay and we all snuggled in. Just like every other Sunday night! We have lots of great sister times like this. It is really fun to just be together, even if you are just doing homework.




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