The not so Great Camping Trip

Hey There! Caroline writing! So the other day, I went over to my friend Ivy's house and we decided to camping. It was great! But there was one problem. So, like I tripped over a big stick... Wait! I am getting ahead of myself! Lets start at the beginning....

Early in the morning, we started out. I put our dolls in the back, and we got going.

There wan't room for Ivy in the car, so she went and rode in the camper. We didn't have far to go.

I got in the car and started driving off to our campsite.

When we got there, we got out and the first thing we did is climb a tree.

I had a great time! I love to climb trees!

Ivy climbed up in her bare feet! She said she climbs better that way!

Once we climbed down, Ivy unpacked the clothes and took the dolls out of the car.

I went into the camper kitchen and made a batch of muffins for dinner.

I made a campfire and heated water for the tea.

When the tea was ready, I poured a cup for both of us. It was peppermint, a personal favorite ours! 

Then we cooked our hot dogs! They are so good when you go camping!

After we finished dinner and cleaned up, we snuggled up in front of the camper with another cup of tea. We talked about a book we are reading. We are reading the Cinderella book that is based off of the movie. We really like it!

Then we snuggled into the camper and ate some chips! We couldn't get to sleep! 

Finally, we scooted out and I went to sleep in the camper and Ivy slept outside. She loves to sleep under the stars. She snuggled up to her chocolate lab, Cocoa Bean! 

When we woke up, we got into our matching boots and pants and set off in our jeep! We locked up the camper and left it at the campsite. We were going into a more remote part of the forest with dirt roads. The camper wouldn't be able to take it!

When we got there, We hopped out and set the tent up. We got all the food out and Ivy was going to make lunch. 

Cocoa bean was really frisky so I decided to take him for walk. He was pulling really hard on the leash! 

Back at the campsite, Ivy was cooking dinner and making tea when she heard....
Ahhhhhhhh! Ow!!!!! Ivyyyy!


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