The not so Great Camping Trip Part 2

"Ahhhhh! Help!!! Ivvvvvy!!!!"

Ivy ran as fast as she could! What had happened to Caroline?

She found me laying on the ground moaning and Cocoa Bean was licking my face.

"Caroline!!! What happened!????!! Are you OK???!!!" "Owwwww! I think I broke my ankle!! I guess little Bean over there was pulling so hard that I didn't see that big stick! Ah! I started sobbing.

Ivy started helping me back to the jeep and she wrapped my ankle up in a cloth. It was getting late, so we had to go to bed. My ankle was really hurting, but Ivy gave me a pain pill and said that in the morning we would drive off to the hospital. Since it was getting dark, we would probably get lost.

She poured me a cup of tea and gave me a muffin. That made me feel a little better! 

So, then we went to bed! 

See what I mean! What a turn of events! Well, at least it was at the end and not at the beginning of the trip! Oh well! I am OK now, but It is annoying! I can't dance!
Well, Bye!


  1. I love your story Chloe! That is such a cute camper!

  2. I love your story Chloe! That is such a cute camper!

  3. Another great post! I'm sure Cocoa Bean felt bad for pulling on the leash and next time won't pull that hard. Great photos! Glad she's okay!! – Uncle Ryan


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