School Sleepover!

Hey There! Isabelle ere! The other day, as usual, my sisters and I went to school. But this day was  a special day! Our best friends and we were going to have a sleepover! Lots of people, but lots of fun!

Only a few of us were paying attention to the teacher! We were so excited!

Writing is my favorite but, I still couldn't pay attention.

Then we started history. I kept looking at the clock. When would this day ever end!

Caroline was still focusing on school. I was amazed! But then, we got to go get our school pictures taken.

Miss Margret showed us the class pet too! His name was Kaah. Like from the Jungle book. Finally the school day ended, and the bus took us to our house.

Stay tuned for the sleep over tomorrow!


  1. I love sleepovers! Hope the girls had a great time :)

  2. My girls had so much fun that day!


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