School and Sleepover! Part 2

One we got to my house, we all got ready for bed while I got the snacks out. I had bought some Dots and Kit really liked those!

Brooklyn took a shower and was blowdrying her hair. We all did each other's hair in little braids or pigtails.

We all ate some snacks and snuggled into our blankets. I painted my my nails and the other girls's nails too!

Then we decided to watch some movies.

Kit and Molly and Brooklyn decided to watch one together,

and Rebecca, Caroline, and Kaya.

Rebecca and Caroline decided too watch "Little Sunshine." The other girls were watching "The Hobbit." Too scary!

Addy and Felicity decided to just talk though.

I decided to snuggle in and go to sleep with licorice.

Well, in the morning, we ate breakfast and then made bookmarks. Then they had to go. :(!
Sad. But we did have a great time!

See ya' later!



  1. That was such a fun day, wasn't it Isabelle?


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