Horse Ride!

Hi! This is Addy! The other day, it was sunshiny out and Molly and I decided to give our restless horses, Cotton Candy and Butterscotch a ride. 

Grace wanted to come too!

"Where are we headed too?" asked Molly.

"I think we should go down the path and across the field until we get to the road." I said to Molly.

"This sunshine feels so good!" 

"Yea!" Molly said. "Enjoy it! The forecast for the next week or so says RAIN!" (Yea, no kidding! Look at it outside! Rain!!!)

Grace got to ride on my lap and almost fell off once!

So fun!

When we got to the road, we had a little snack. (I had put some in my saddle bags before we left.)

Sister time!

Grace eventually got down and led the way back to the barn. 

"Thanks for taking me on this ride!" said Molly! "I love you!



  1. I love Molly's hair! Your pictures are gorgeous! So amazing! This is my favorite post yet. :)
    I didn't know you have Grace!

    1. Thanks Mira! I liked how it turned out too! Grace is actully my sister's!

  2. Nice post and beautiful photos! Next time I'm out there I'd love to go riding with Butterscotch and Cotton Candy!


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