A Day at the Beach Part Two


She actully just went down to the edge of the waves! Boy did she scare me!

Isabelle loves to collect shells! So, she was trying to find some. Unfourtunantly, they were only pieces.

Then, she started to do handstands  and cartwheels! She may be the oldest, but sometimes she sure acts like she is the youngest! I love her so much.

She ended up getting a lot of shells!

What are some of your favorite beach memories? Tell us in the comments! We would love to hear from you!
Hugs, Molly


  1. This is another great post. I love the photo of her standing on her head! One of my favorite memories at the beach is when we were at Canon Beach climbing on the rocks and saw all the beautiful multicolored starfish everywhere. Maybe Isabelle was looking for starfish too!

  2. 😄 I remember that! That was fun! Thanks for conmenting!

  3. My favorite beach memory is building a sand village with my siblings. So fun!


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