A Beautiful Pleated Skirt

Hi There! This is Kit! Aunt Chloe made us girls pleated skirts! She asked me if I could share how she made them. So, this is how you do it!

 First, you measure your doll's waist. Cut a piece of fabric that is double the circumference of your doll's waist. Sew two pieces of fabric if you have to. It should be around 24" long. Hem the bottom. If you forget this step it will be hard to hem it later. Then you place a pin every inch. 

Like this!

Then you take the first pin, and fold it over to the next pin. Pull out one pin, and use the remaining to pin it in place.

Keep going until you get to the end.

Then you need to iron it. Use steam. You should do one pleat at a time, making sure it is neat. Do not take the pins out yet!

Your skirt should look like this now. 

Put your machine on zigzag stitch, and go along the top ede of the skirt. This is to tack it in place. Take the pins out as you go.

It should look like this!

Then you take a 1" wide ribbon and zigzag it to the top.

Then you fold the ribbon over,

and sew a straight stitch along the crease to make it look better and to make it stronger.

Using your doll's waist as a guide, sew the skirt closed. You may need to measure and fit it a few times. Be careful not to make it too tight!

Trim off the extras and turn it right side out!

You are done! (When you try it on your doll, it will probably be a little tight. But when you get it to her waist, it should sit nicely.)

Well, now I need to go put away my new skirt!
Hope you will make one of your own! If you have any questions, please email me or leave it in the comments!



  1. I can't wait to make one! Maybe a birthday present for Felicity. (Her birthday is on the the 18!)


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