A Day at Williamsberg!

Hey There! This is  Isabelle! Our trip was so great! I just want to share these pics! I got to go to Williamsberg! That is where Felicity lived and also where the movie was filmed. I didn't see her house though! Molly walked all around the town dragging me into a bunch of shops and houses. She loves history but unfourtunantly, I do not. She really Enjoyed all of the tours. I did too, but My favorite house was the govorners house. It was huge! Here I am in front of a wall covered in swords:

It's amazing! There were walls all over that were covered in swords and guns! 

Here I am in his bed chamber!

The wall trim was so gorgeous! Another building that amazed me was the capital building. They had rebuilt it, but lots of it was original, Here is me in front of it:

It had two main rooms on either side and confrence rooms above. They used the building for court sessions and meetings.

At the end of the day, I went to the Green behind the courthouse and saw the militia play and beat their drums. It was amazing! I also saw General Washinton! Amazingly enough, I got to be apart of the volunteer Milita. 
I made a printable for you today! You get to make your own milita drum.

Hope you liked the craft!
Next time, Isabelle 


  1. Great Post! Isabelle must have felt right at home. It looks like some of the drummers behind her did the craft. Thanks for posting! Uncle Ryan

  2. Oh, I love Williamsburg! :) I wish I could have gone with you!

  3. I wish we could have gone to Williamsburg too! Looks like Felicity had a great time :) Love, Aunt Danielle


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