The Fashion Show

Hi There! This is Isabelle! Us girls were over at Kit's house the other day and were talking.

 "This week", said Caroline, "I made a really realy pretty prom dress! It is pink and has tons of ruffles.

 "Hey!" said Addy, "The outfit I am wearing I made this week too!

"I think we all made outfits this week!" I said.

"We could have a Fashion Show!" said Molly.

"That's a great idea!"

"I will be the judge.  Let's meet back here at 3:00!"

"Welcome Ladies and  Gentlemen to the Little Dolls on the Prarie Fashion Contest!" said Kit. "The prize will be a Designer Purse. It will be sent to the winner two days later. Anyway, for our first contestant.... 
Caroline Abbot!

Look at that dress! So beautiful!

That headband looks so cute,

and what a unique choker!"

 The rest went by like a flash.  Addy was a big hit, as well as the rest of us. Kit was wishing that she had never volunteered to be the judge, because she loved all of the outfits.

Everybody loved my outfit too! :)

Everyone was filled with anticipation while kit looked at all of our outfits and decided the winner.

"And the winner is"..... "CAROLINE ABBOT!!!" The crowd (which was the rest of the girls!) went wild!

"Congratulations Caroline!" said Kit.


  1. Fun! My girls like wearing outfits they made as well! :)


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