The Designer Purse

Hey there! This is Caroline! So, you know about the fashion contest, I assume, and I get a designer purse for the prize! I am super excited to open it.  It is supposed to come today. Oh, wait a second, Molly is calling me.....The mail is here!!! That means my package is with it!

We are walking down to get the mail now!

But wait, where is the package? It's not in the mailbox!

Molly is getting the mail, but the only thing for me is the AG magazine (which I love). Oh! Wait! The package is so big that it didn't fit in the mailbox! Ha! Ha!

I am going to wait and open it at the house

I am ripping it open!

Oh my word! That is so pretty!

"Oh, Molly look! Don't you love that! Oh, I am sorry, I know that you don't have one. I am sorry for bragging! I just love it!"

"That's OK. You earned it with your prom dress!" 

"Thanks, Molly!"


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